Transform Your Business with Intrinio’s ESG Data [Gold Plan]

By Intrinio
July 1, 2022

Stay ahead of the competition by powering your platform with Intrinio’s ESG data services.

All types of businesses can benefit from our ESG data services. Our Gold package is perfect for fintech platforms, consulting and advisory services, corporate managers, and more.  

Here’s an overview of our Gold ESG package.

What is included in the Gold ESG Package?

  • 10,000+ Companies
  • Company Name
  • ISIN
  • Ticker
  • Industry
  • Country
  • Overall ESG Rating & Percentile Rank  
  • Industry Average ESG Rating
  • Country Average ESG Rating  
  • Overall ESG Percentile Rank vs. Industry  
  • Overall ESG Percentile Rank vs. Country
  • Category ESG Rating & ESG Percentile Rank - Community, Employees, Environment, Governance
  • Sub-Category ESG Rating & ESG Percentile Rank - Community Dev & Philanthropy, Human Rights & Supply Chain, Product, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Labor Rights, Training, Health & Safety, Energy & Climate Change, Environment Policy & Reporting, Resource Management, Board, Leadership Ethics, Transparency & Reporting

Additional features and benefits

Get the best value for your money with our ESG data packages.

All of our ESG plans provide exceptional support services, unlimited licensing features, an easy-to-use access method, and of course – clean, reliable data! Easily strengthen your company’s reputation, increase efficiency, and drive financial value when you subscribe to one of our data plans.

Features available in Gold ESG package:

Who would benefit from using Intrinio’s Gold ESG package?

A range of businesses and industries can benefit from our Gold ESG plan.  

Fintech Platforms

Fintech platforms can easily provide their clients and users with the ESG data needed to make investment decisions that make an impact. Allow your clients and users to ensure their investments are directed towards companies that reflect their values. You can also construct ESG scanners so that your users can easily screen based on the Environment, Governance, and/or Social scores that matter most to them.

Investors and Analysts

Investors and analysts can construct a long/short screen on your investment universe based on ESG ratings. Utilize ESG data to improve investment and asset optimization based on companies with sustainable opportunities. Or use our ESG ratings to forecast portfolio headwinds associated with upcoming regulations and macroeconomic changes.

Corporate Managers

Corporate managers can benchmark their firm’s ESG ratings against peers. Improve stakeholder communication by pinpointing and improving ESG reporting gaps. Or construct new business opportunities that align with your company’s mission statement.

Wealth Managers & Advisors

Wealth managers and advisors can construct additional wealth management offerings to clients that permit individuals to invest based on their personal values. You can also provide insight into the ESG impact of a client’s current holdings and share your ESG strategy with your clients.


Consultants can quickly expand their ESG expertise by researching ESG trends across industries. Gain the insight needed to propose data supported innovations and drive change within your company. Or use ESG data to improve your employees and community’s knowledge of your practices compared to peers in your industry.

Why partner with Intrinio for ESG Data?

Widespread Sustainability Data Sources

Intrinio provides a comprehensive global set of consensus ESG ratings constructed by CSRHub. The ESG ratings and rankings supplied in our Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages are powered by CSRHub’s rigorous standardization methodology, powered by over a thousand data sources and more than 355 million pieces of data.

Rigorous Ratings Methodology

While there is no standardized approach to calculating ESG metrics, by normalizing, mapping, and weighing over 11,000 different sustainability-related indicators across thousands of companies, CSRHub is able to separate the signal from the noise and deliver objective sustainability ratings across companies, industries, and countries.

Streamlined and Consistent Data Offerings

Millions of data points simplified down to four main ESG categories and twelve sub-categories, ensuring data integrity and consistency across time periods while maintaining an easy-to-understand and interpret hierarchy.

Historical ESG Ratings

With ESG data available back to 2008 and updated monthly, investors, analysts, and advisors can construct, backtest, and analyze ESG-supported investment strategies and holdings to provide socially conscious backed results and portfolio transparency to themselves and their clients.

How to partner with Intrinio for data

Subscribing to one of our ESG data packages is an easy process.

To get started you'll need to set up an account through our pricing page (or click here), shortly after you'll receive access to any of our financial products for two weeks - no credit card required!

After the free trial is over, you’ll have the option to continue using our financial services or you can stop using our services completely.

If you’re interested in our brand new ESG services reach out to us today and a data expert will get in touch with you soon. You can also learn more on our new financial services at

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