What Is ESG Data & Where To Get It

By Briana Christina
June 28, 2022

What is ESG data?

ESG data has been making its rounds in the financial services industry for decades, but the profitable data has grown increasingly popular in the last few years.

So, what exactly is ESG data? The acronym ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance – and refers to the set of sustainable metrics certain companies disclose publicly.

Essentially, these sets of non-financial factors show how green a business truly is. Below are popular examples of ESG criteria used by clients to make sustainable investment decisions.

Environmental criteria: Impact on the natural world

  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Water and air pollution
  • Deforestation
  • Relationships with regulators
  • Carbon emissions
  • Waste management
  • Adopting clean technology

Social criteria: Employee social culture

  • Working conditions
  • Employee diversity
  • Ethical supply chain sourcing
  • Access to healthcare
  • Product safety and quality
  • Community relations
  • Data and privacy security

Governance criteria: Corporate leadership standards

  • Executive compensation
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Board diversity
  • Political contributions
  • History of shareholder lawsuits
  • Tax transparency
  • Financial system instability

How do companies use ESG data?

ESG data, ratings, and rankings can be used for a variety of purposes.  

These unique insights help investors and companies identify growth opportunities, material risks, and are perfect for figuring out which funds and businesses to invest in. ESG scores also assist with defining corporate goals and operational strategies on an internal level.  

Find out how your company is performing compared to your competitors or use ESG scores to make better business choices.

Where can I get ESG data?

Intrinio is thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with CSRHub - the world’s largest ESG and sustainability rating and information platform.  

You can now gain safe and secure access to a massive collection of ESG data, ratings, and rankings from over 10,000 corporate companies directly through us!

Intrinio’s ESG data packages include:

  • Company Metadata
  • ESG Sub-Category Ratings
  • ESG Category Ratings
  • ESG Sub-Category Rankings
  • ESG Category Rankings
  • Industry & Category Ratings and Rankings  

Our ESG data is available for business use and comes in three affordable packages to fit your needs – Bronze, Silver, or Gold. And all of our ESG plans provide exceptional support services, unlimited licensing features, and an easy-to-use access method. Easily strengthen your company’s reputation, increase efficiency, and drive financial value when you subscribe to one of our data plans.  

Features available in Bronze, Silver, and Gold ESG packages:

We’re constantly thinking of methods to improve and grow our services in order to better serve you. And providing ESG data services is one of those vital improvements. Chat with an ESG expert today to find out how our financial services can help your business thrive.

Start making sound investment decisions with Intrinio’s ESG services today!

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