Enhancing AI Stock Prediction with Integrated Fundamental Data

By Intrinio
March 2, 2024

Scott Streit is an accomplished data scientist and inventor focused on cryptography, biometrics, machine learning and cyber security. His latest venture is brand new and in progress, and it's powered by a mission-critical Intrinio data set: our US Fundamentals Feed. Scott has integrated this data and is well on his way to finishing his product and launching; it's a testament to our reach and ability to support innovation in its earliest days.

Intrinio's US Fundamentals data set covers over 10,000 US companies and ADRs and includes as-reported and standardized financial statement data, hundreds of metrics and ratios, qualitative information and text search, institutional holdings, insider transactions, sector & industry information, economic data, basic company info & more. We make the data available via API, CSV, s3 buckets, snowflake, or FTP - whatever is easiest for our users. This feed comes with a full suite of institutional-grade support. The data set was built leveraging the latest in ML and AI, making it the highest-quality, most reliable, and most affordable way to access fundamental data on the market.

This kind of fundamental data is useful for a wide variety of investment strategies. Hedge fund, quant fund, and algorithmic or AI focused investors study this data historically to determine trends and make predictions. Retail investor apps integrate and display this information for their end users to peruse and analyze. Consultants and corporates leverage it for competitive and comparative analysis. Fundamental investors dive deep to uncover value plays and over or undervalued investment opportunities.

Read to learn more about how Scott is enhancing his AI stock prediction tools with integrated fundamental data from Intrinio.

Tell us about what you're building- what does your platform do?

"We are building a product that predicts stock performance using AI.  We give a list of tickers that will go up and a list of tickers that will go down."

The Special Sauce

Stock prediction is no easy game, and statistics show that most traders trying to predict the market fail. Stock selection is hard, and rarely do active investors beat the market. Therefore, we know how difficult Scott's mission is and how hard he's working to change the game. And here's the exciting part - Scott's approach does work, and it has accuracies above 75 percent. THAT is relatively unheard of, and its proof of what is possible with talent, dedication, special sauce, and good data!

The Fundamental Data Difference‍

Scott's technology requires detailed stock and economic data to function properly.  Reliable data dating all the way back to 2007 is a critical component of his AI stock prediction engine; these inputs form the basis of the analysis that results in fortune-telling for the market. Scott's team leverages Intrinio's APIs to get the proper data for training and predictions, and they are working with a robust set of data dating back to 2007 with full coverage of US equities.

How has your experience been working with Intrinio's fundamental data?

"Intrinio has been wonderful to work with in finding and cleansing data.  We use large amounts of data and some of the paths we have traversed are new for Intrinio.  We have worked with Intrinio in finding the data challenges and correcting them. Intrinio is incredibly responsive."

The Impact of Affordable, ReliableData - what does it do for Scott's platform and users?

Scott is in the research/apha phase, and while he has a set of customers ready to buy, he's still in development and not generating revenue yet. At an early stage, it's not economically smart or feasible to spend serious money on long term contracts or expensive data licenses. The affordability of Intrinio's fundamental data allows Scott to acquire a large amount of data at this early stage and tune to the exact data that is required. This means faster development of a high-quality product for end users.

What's next for your product - what are you most excited about for 2024?

"What is next for our product is to finish it and get it in production.  So that is our goal.  We intend to have it ready by April 1."

On behalf of Team Intrinio, we are proud to be working with innovators like Scott to make his development and ongoing integration a breeze. We think what he's building is pretty neat, and we can't wait to see how it performs over time. We're wishing him the best of luck as he scales, and we're looking forward to powering more AI fintech innovation with quality, reliable fundamental data.

If you or someone you know needs US Fundamental data, fill out a quick consultation form to speak with one of our data experts. You can also chat us live on our website at any time.


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