EOD Historical Stock Prices

50+ years of high-quality dividend and split-adjusted stock price history

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Reliable, consistent EOD data for your app or model

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50+ years
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API, CSV, Snowflake, s3
All US Stock Exchanges
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Full history, coverage, and display rights - more robust than other providers

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Charting applications and research platforms

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Do you adjust the prices for splits and dividends?

Yes. Intrinio provides both adjusted prices and unadjusted prices along with the adjustment factors, dividends, and split ratios. Users can apply the adjustment factors or use the preadjusted factors as necessary.

How much history is there?

50+ years. Most US companies have history going back to their IPO.

Is Pre-Post Market data available?


When does the data become available?

No later than 7 pm EST. This can vary depending on the time the exchanges release their final figures and most EOD prices are updated closer to 5:30 PM EST. A good practice is to poll prices once at 5:30 and again at 7 pm.

Around what time are stock prices available?

For Intrinio's EOD Historical Stock Prices, data is available around 4:45pm - 5:00pm EST. Adjusted EOD Stock prices are available around 7pm EST. Keep in mind these are estimated times and can go longer if exchanges take longer to send the pricing data out. If all of the prices are not present at 7pm, we recommend accessing again around 9pm EST.

Is Dark Pool data included in the EOD Historical Prices product?

No, Dark Pool data is currently only available in the 15 Minute Delayed SIP and Stock Price Tick History products.

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