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Most affordable "real-time" stock prices you can get, with 2-3% market volume

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Early stage fintech platforms or retail investors

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Can I display IEX Stock Prices?

Yes. There are no display fees for IEX data.

How often do IEX Stock Prices update?

Continuously, in real time, during trading hours. The most recent data from the exchange is always returned.

Is Pre-Post Market data available?


What if the API call limit is too low?

There is no API call limit on the WebSocket API. Unlike the REST API, all trade volume is pushed through this access method. If a user needs to use the REST API with a higher call limit, they can request a higher limit and Intrinio will increase the limit on a case-by-case basis.

What is the quality of IEX stock prices?

Roughly 2% of trading volume routes through the IEX exchange. This means that for highly liquid securities, such as large cap stocks and ETFs, there is little to no drift between IEX last sale and the NBBO. For less liquid stocks, there can be significant differences between the NBBO and the last sale on IEX due to limited volume.

How much bandwidth is required for IEX Real-Time Stock Prices?

IEX Real-Time Stock Prices require 10Mbps. If you want to pass it through to another server, the upload needs to at least match that amount.

Is Dark Pool data included in the IEX Real-Time Stock Prices product?

No, Dark Pool data is currently only available in the 15 Minute Delayed SIP and Stock Price Tick History products.

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