15-Min Delayed Options

High quality delayed options with minimal exchange fees

Included Data Points

Reliable, consistent delayed data that saves you a boatload

Open Interest
Implied Volatility
Last Price
Unusual Activity
Type: Put or Call
Expiration Date
Exercise Style
Access Methods
API, WebSocket
Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA)
Update Frequency
15-min delay
Business Use
Ticketing, Instant Chat
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The "Gist"

A more affordable way to analyze or display options data without paying steep exchange fees

Best For

Options education or display use cases

API Reference

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Can I take a free trial?

Yes. Contact us at sales@intrinio.com or through chat on the website and we will start a free, 14-day trial for your organization. Some paperwork is required however Intrinio will assist you with exchange approval.

Can I upgrade to real time data?

Yes. Intrinio's APIs are designed to make it simple to upgrade from delayed to real time data. This is a common approach to save on exchange and licensing costs.

Is Pre-Post Market data available?


What are the exchange fees?

$650/mo for display in an application outside of your company. There is no fee for internal use. There are no per user fees.

What time does pre-market trading start?

Pre-market trading begins at 4am EST.

For the 15 Minute Delayed Options feed, is there a 1 for 1 pairing of calls and puts for each option contract?

There is always a 1 for 1 pairing of put/call for each strike BUT the contract count (as measured by open interest) for each side of those pairings can vary wildly or even be 0. Filtering out puts/calls with 0 value for open interest is a common best practice.

For the 15 Minute Delayed Options feed, where are the weekly contract expirations for SPX and other popular instruments?

Some, but not all options symbols have daily and weekly contract expirations. For example, SPX and SPXW are used for daily and weekly respectively. You can use both symbols to get both daily and weekly contract expirations.

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15-Min Delayed SIP

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