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We meticulously cleanse, normalize, and document Intrinio data after we get it from our vendors so you don’t have to. Our data platform is fully covered by our support team - free of charge to all customers.

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Intrinio Foundation

A Comprehensive Analytics Dataset to analyze US Equities in depth.

Starting at
Standardized and as reported US fundamentals
End of day (EOD) US stock prices
BATS 15-min delayed stock prices
Real-time IEX stock prices
Intraday stock prices
(Historical at the second level)
Reference data for US companies
Security master with multiple symbologies

Intrinio Vantage

An In Depth Analytics Dataset to analyze US Equities.

Starting at
Financial Statement Notes
News on US Stocks
Press Releases
Institutional Holdings
Macro-economic Indicators
Technical Indicators
Insider Transactions
Historical IPOs
Sector & Industry Aggregates

Intrinio Prophet

Custom built high-alpha data sets for financial leaders

Example data feeds:
Notes Sentiment
Insider Analytics
ETF Fundamentals
News Sentiment
Profit Per Employee Analysis
MDNA Analytics
Realtime Trading Sentiment
Portfolio / Fund Correlations
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200+ Data Products

Terabytes of financial data in the modern formats you need. Real-time, intraday, EOD & historical.

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As developers ourselves, we discovered that clean financial data is hard to get. It was a problem for us, so we set out to fix it for everyone.

We obsessively seek to make our data scalable and flexible. Access everything with one API endpoint and eliminate the need for multiple vendors and complex integrations.


 "data": [
     "tag": "operatingrevenue",
     "value": 233715000000
     "tag": "totalrevenue",
     "value": 233715000000
     "tag": "operatingcostofrevenue",
     "value": 140089000000
     "tag": "totalcostofrevenue",
     "value": 140089000000
     "tag": "totalgrossprofit",
     "value": 93626000000





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“Wow! clearly structured and well-linked data. The thought of going back to mapping data on the databases of some of the large incumbent data providers makes me nauseous. Well done!”

- Customer Love

“Thanks for your help in this! Might I point out (this is) one of the best customer services I have seen... I have been singing your praises, an excellent product backed by an impressive customer service experience.”

- Customer Love

“I looked at the Zacks data from (a competitor), but I could not get their API to give met the results in a format that was easy for me to work with. I love your documentation and developer tools. Great job.”

- Customer Love

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200+ Data Products

Terabytes of financial data in the modern formats you need. Real-time, intraday, EOD & historical.

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