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Intrinio is a financial data platform built for people who refuse to settle for average data. People who demand better. People like you.

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A modern Financial Data API and bulk data marketplace

Intrinio data is delivered in modern formats for today's developers and analysts, including JSON, Excel, Python, Ruby, R, Java, CSV, WebSockets and more.

Production Ready

Linking multiple data sources is tricky. Our security master backbone gives you an extra layer of quality for your work.

Flexible Access and Licensing

Save thousands on data by choosing usage types and only paying for the data you access.

Single API Integration

Scale endlessly with billions of financial data end points.

Developer Sandbox Environment

Test live data feeds without having to pay, or be limited by API access restrictions.

Centralized Documentation

Scattered documentation can hinder progress. Access our broad API reference, data tag, and company data libraries.

Quality Customer Service

We're dedicated to unprecedented support turnaround. Let us know if you have any questions.

The new data stack

Intrinio combines a financial data supply chain with a data scientist team and an API delivery platform to put financial insights at the heart of business operations.
Data & Vendor Relations
Integration & Data Extraction
Licensing & Delivery
Docs & Support
API & Bulk Access
Data Science Processing


Don't worry about multiple data contracts and licensing details. We collect, derive, and vet data partners.


Once cleansed, data is integrated into our system where we normalize and remove errors with machine learning.


We support the infrastructure so you can focus on work. No maintenance. No hassle. No headache.

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Paving new paths

Intrinio's goal is to fuel the financial tech revolution by providing a simple, affordable, innovative new path for students, professors, and organizations to access financial data.

Research and analysis Tools

Look up company data, use the Excel formula builder, and export CSVs with our suite of data management tools.

Flexible Data formats

Not a developer? No problem. Access the web API with CSV or JSON formatted responses.

PC & MAc Excel compatability

Our Excel plugin lets you access the Intrinio API without any programming experience on Mac and PC. Learn more

Open Access and Licensing

Off campus access and decentralized licensing. We don't limit who can have access to data on our academic plans.

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Work faster. Work smarter.

Don't waste time vetting, deriving and maintaining data.
We’ve done the heavy lifting 💪 so you don't have to.

We ❤️ Developers

That's right! Intrinio is owned and built by Fintech developers. We discovered that clean financial data is hard to get. It was a problem for us, so we set out to fix it for everyone.

We obsessively seek to make our data scalable and flexible. And, because we have one API endpoint, we eliminate the need for multiple vendors and complex integrations.


 "data": [
     "tag": "operatingrevenue",
     "value": 233715000000
     "tag": "totalrevenue",
     "value": 233715000000
     "tag": "operatingcostofrevenue",
     "value": 140089000000
     "tag": "totalcostofrevenue",
     "value": 140089000000
     "tag": "totalgrossprofit",
     "value": 93626000000





We Mean Business

We've been told we have a sweet backend - it's no secret. It's science. We’ve spent years training our machine learning and AI financial data processing engine.

Get down to business with pre-cleansed and normalized data. Reliability and quality have never been more accessible. Don't settle for less.

We're Building a Better
Data Marketplace

We believe restricting access to data and charging outrageous fees is a sure-fire way to motivate competition. Working with Intrinio, you can have a voice and help take the power back.

Get terabytes of financial data from the industry’s most reliable and trusted data partners - all through one API.

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Development Environment

Unlimited API calls for prototyping and testing.  Explore the sandbox?


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