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The Intrinio Excel add-in and Google Sheets add-on allows you pull financial data dynamically into your spreadsheets. Unlike traditional plugins that bundle many forms of data together, you have the flexibility to customize the data feeds that fit your needs. Building with Intrinio saves you money. The ability to refresh every cell in your workbook with the latest figures saves you time. Also, we’re here to help - chat with us any time.

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If you've ever wondered what you could do with a database of financial data, dream no longer. Our API gives you access to high-quality datasets that are constantly updated and groomed to perfection. Build that fintech app you've been thinking about. When you're ready, sign up and chat with us any time.

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What Makes Us Special?

Accessible, Affordable Data

Intrinio is dedicated to the idea that financial innovation can only happen if financial data is easy to work with and priced to move. Our team has enough first hand experience as finance students, Wall Street analysts, and fintech developers to know that the traditional system wasn’t designed to encourage the development of game changing financial analytics applications. The Intrinio Fintech Marketplace upends tradition, removing financial and technical roadblocks so developers can get to work.

Built for Developers

Developers need the flexibility of APIs so they can pull financial data into their applications and use the programming language of their choice to transform it into insights for their own end users. They also need the data to be organized using financial best practices to make it intuitive to analyze. Intrinio is uniquely positioned with a team of developers who also understand finance, allowing for elegant technical solutions that work for fintech developers.

Uniting Data Providers & Consumers

Data providers need developers to turn their data into useful analytics. Developers need investors to turn their analytics into investment decisions. Intrinio’s marketplace facilitates both of these exchanges by eliminating the pain points all three parties have grown accustomed to. Data providers can get their APIs in front of developers without marketing and sales expense, increasing volume without increasing overhead. Developers can peruse à la carte data sources without intense redistribution restrictions and high prices, enabling faster launch dates without breaking the bank. Investors can access cutting edge analytics without visiting a bank and counting on an investment advisor, cutting out fees without wasting time on data entry.

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