Social Investing Platforms


Powerful APIs designed for your data-driven social trading platform

Social investing platforms from all over the world trust Intrinio’s modern APIs and datasets. Our options data plans allow you to easily retrieve delayed options data, Greeks, implied volatility, unusual options activity, and the latest end of day options prices for your platform. Companies like TickerStats, YBrick, and Grizzly Computing work with us to expand their businesses.

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Establish the path to a healthy investment experience

Recreate structured portfolios and duplicate the trades of top investors effortlessly with Intrinio’s market data. We’ll provide you with access to the best data, so you can pave the road to successful trading opportunities for your customers. There’s a reason social trading networks scattered across the globe choose Intrinio - we’re dedicated to helping your business and money go further.

Expand your social trading platform with our affordable solutions

Supply your customers with professional insights and improve your overall lead generation with our US options data. Intrinio makes it easy for you to grow your customer base by providing the exact trade information your users want to analyze. Share the freshest insider transactions, charts, financial statements, industry news, and more with other investors and traders. Our data solutions will save your social trading platform time and money, allowing you more time to focus on your users and client reach.

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Case Studies

Discover how TickerStats utilizes Intrinio to improve and grow their platform


TickerStats is an interactive, social investing platform that democratizes access to financial data and analytics and provides free automated tools to new and seasoned investors. With TickerStats, users gain access to an assortment of statistics, charting tools, and customized financial training and education across US public companies.

To strengthen its platform’s offerings and address investors’ demands, TickerStats partnered with Intrinio.


Intrinio supports TickerStats by supplying their platform with the latest financial data to display for their end-users.  

By providing TickerStats with delayed and historical options data via Bulk Files and API endpoints, TickerStats can power its platform’s database and dynamic screener easily. This streamlined data ingestion enables TickerStat to operate more effectively and reach new clients at scale.

Case Studies

Discover how Intrinio’s fundamentals enriches operations for Front Financial


Front Financial is an investment advisory application that delivers strategic investing guidance and assists investors with building a responsible investment strategy for the future. With Front, users can easily track and connect everything in one place, join a growing investing community, follow top investors, and keep up with the latest market moves and portfolio updates.  

To support different areas of Front’s products and other internal testing procedures, Front teamed up with Intrinio for consistent market data and information.


Intrinio provides Front Financial with the stocks and fundamentals data they need to power each essential part of their operation. Intrinio's fundamentals are used across the platform for various reasons, including back-end services and calculations. Front also uses Intrinio's data to ensure proper data integrity for a wide variety of their application's features.

Front utilizes Intrinio's data to create beneficial customer insights that show users the unnecessary risks they're taking with their portfolios, help with diversification, and reveal whether you have any healthy or unhealthy assets in your collection of financial investments.  

And through our user-friendly API and data feed solutions, Front is currently developing a convenient IPO calendar available to users soon.

A word from our customers

“Working with Intrinio has been wonderful. When seeking a data partner, we sought a good fit, with open lines of communication. Intrinio has allowed us to be successful in developing our new data platform and has been a great partner in our joint product offering venture.” 

-Business Valuation Resources

A word from our customers

“We were able to establish an open and fruitful technical collaboration… Intrinio has a large variety of data, and quality is excellent. They are flexible and open to requests when we need customization and also very knowledgeable in fixing technical issues when they arise.” 


A word from our customers

“Intrinio’s team has great values in terms of work ethic and ambition… Customer support is really impressive, with a tech department that gets back to us within the day… You are going to get innovation, ambition, great values, great customer service.” 

-Ziggma Portfolio Manager

A word from our customers

“The documentation is clear, the data quality is good, and the support team is very reactive. The team is fast and is embracing innovation while keeping good quality data and reliable APIs, which is what we were looking for and failed to find in other data providers… We are looking forward to continuing using their services for the years to come!” 


Equity Market Data

Our equities data plans include an extensive network of US company fundamentals and stock market data suitable for all types of business needs and budgets.

Options Market Data

Get high-quality real-time and delayed options data through advanced access methods without building an expensive in-house infrastructure.