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Does it include 8-Ks?

Not yet but parsing and standardizing data from these filings as companies release their earnings is something we are actively working on.

Does it include ADRs and OTC companies?

Yes. ADRs and OTC companies are included, however due to differences in international accounting standards and or the unique nature of these companies, their financial statements are often unusual or contain irregularities.

Does it include non-US companies or private companies?

XBRL data from non-US regulatory entities is on our roadmap, but not currently available. Private companies are not required to file in XBRL, which we need to pull in data.

How do I know when a fundamental has updated?

This endpoint will provide a list of fundamentals updated after a date: Date format is YYYYMMDD. Note that each fundamental has a unique 'fun-' if there is an id returned by this endpoint that is not in your system then it is new. The 'updated_date' for a fundamental can also be used to determine if there are fundamentals for a company with a newer updated date than those that exist in your database.

How quickly are statements available via the API?

The first, as reported metrics are available within 10min once companies have uploaded the reports to the SEC. Standardized fundamentals and calculated fields can take up to 30 minutes to be available.

Why is historical data only available back to 2009?

In 2008 the SEC mandated US public companies to submit their 10-Ks and 10-Qs in XBRL format which is what our technology/machine learning reads, processes, and standardizes.

For US Fundamentals, what is a good workflow for accessing the latest fundamental data?

The filter_fundamentals endpoint is a great way to extract and maintain fundamental data with a filed_after parameter of yesterday. You can also use filing_date as a way to filter the results. If polled regularly, you can check for an updated ID, then use the fundamental_by_id endpoint to pull the ticker, and standardized_financials endpoint to extract the filings. If using a database, you can see what ids are stored, and if any are not present, they are new since the last time checked. These ids are always unique. If updated_date is kept track of, any date greater than the last time checked would indicate an update to the data.

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