Automated Investing (Robo-Advising)


Leverage EOD options prices for your automated investing company

Intrinio supports automated investing platforms with high-quality financial data sourced directly from OPRA. Companies like Emporus and CleverAlpha leverage Intrinio’s reliable stock market data to build custom robo-advisory solutions.

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Collections of high-quality data ready to power your algorithms

Intrinio’s equities and options data packages are the best choices for any automated investing company looking to build or improve their platform. Use Intrinio’s standardized fundamentals to easily find trades and power your platforms algorithms. You can count on our extensive collection of US fundamentals to make sound decisions and quickly compare performance across companies, and we’re dedicated to helping you choose the right data solution for your business.

Get more without paying more

Our streamlined technology allows you to easily retrieve accurate stock market and real-time stock options data at low-cost prices. We work with dozens of robo-advisory platforms and wealth management companies and supply them with the best tools and financial solutions. Access clean data from Intrinio for your automated strategy without spending thousands of dollars.

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Case Studies

Discover how Intrinio helps Emporus use our options data to achieve great results


Emporus is swiftly revolutionizing how investment decisions are being made worldwide through its unique deep learning and artificial intelligence investment analytics platform. Unlike other platforms that provide an overwhelming amount of analytics, Emporus constructed its machine learning process to minimize the noise and maximize investors' abilities to perform market analysis.

To strengthen their machine learning processes, Emporus's platform needed a way to track volatility across the entirety of the US option's universe – that's where Intrinio's data came into play.


Intrinio provides Emporus with the daily and historical options data they need to strengthen their platform’s algorithms and stock market investing strategies. Using Intrinio’s financial data to power their deep learning models, Emporus can separate the signal from the noise. This separation allows investors to reduce the risk associated with their portfolios and ultimately make more informed investing decisions.

Case Studies

Discover how InvestorIQ uses Intrinio’s data to power their platform


InvestorIQ is an AI-powered equity research and discovery platform that focuses on providing investors with contextualized data and identifying the best risk/reward opportunities based on the investment profiles of their users.

With InvestorIQ, users can invest responsibly, filter out low-quality equities, and gain immediate access to historical top-performing equities.  

To power the platform's unique features, InvestorIQ needed a dependable and extensive financial data source for their historical options and equities data needs – that's where Intrinio's data came into play.


Intrinio proudly supplies InvestorIQ with the clean data and tools they need to power their ranking algorithm and RisQCalcuator.

Our vast collection of financial data, standardized data tags, and software development kits (SDKs) saves InvestorIQ development time, securely supports the platform’s feature sets, and allows their team to focus more on improving their algorithms and less on data wrangling.

A word from our customers

“Working with Intrinio has been wonderful. When seeking a data partner, we sought a good fit, with open lines of communication. Intrinio has allowed us to be successful in developing our new data platform and has been a great partner in our joint product offering venture.” 

-Business Valuation Resources

A word from our customers

“We were able to establish an open and fruitful technical collaboration… Intrinio has a large variety of data, and quality is excellent. They are flexible and open to requests when we need customization and also very knowledgeable in fixing technical issues when they arise.” 


A word from our customers

“Intrinio’s team has great values in terms of work ethic and ambition… Customer support is really impressive, with a tech department that gets back to us within the day… You are going to get innovation, ambition, great values, great customer service.” 

-Ziggma Portfolio Manager

A word from our customers

“The documentation is clear, the data quality is good, and the support team is very reactive. The team is fast and is embracing innovation while keeping good quality data and reliable APIs, which is what we were looking for and failed to find in other data providers… We are looking forward to continuing using their services for the years to come!” 


Equity Market Data

Our equities data plans include an extensive network of US company fundamentals and stock market data suitable for all types of business needs and budgets.

Options Market Data

Get high-quality real-time and delayed options data through advanced access methods without building an expensive in-house infrastructure.