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API, WebSocket
Security Information Processor (SIP)
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15-min delay
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The most affordable way to display quality stock prices while avoiding massive exchange and display fees

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Fintech companies looking for a cheap way to display stock prices


How frequently does the data update?

The data updates in real time. Intrinio delays the data so updates are pushed 15-minutes after they occur over the WebSocket API or can be polled via REST-API.

Is Pre-Post Market data available?


What are the exchange fees?

There is a $250/year admin fee as well as an additional $250/mo fee if you need to display the data. These fees are separate from Intrinio's fees. There are no per user fees.

What is the source of the data?

This data is sourced from 3 security information processors (SIPs). They are CTA A (NYSE Listed Securities), CTA B (NYSE affiliated exchanges), and UTP (NASDAQ listed or affiliated exchanges). Together, they represent all traded exchange volume in the United States.

Why is the data delayed?

The exchange fees for real-time SIP delivery are significant. Typically, they range from $10,000 - $20,000 per month. Delaying the data 15 minutes reduces these fees dramatically.

For the 15-Min Delayed SIP feed, why are equities sometimes delayed?

For the 15-Min Delayed SIP feed, the prices are available in the API within a short time-span. Delays can occur from SIP in certain circumstances, but it's not because of anything with Intrinio. What happens is a trade occurs, and then a time period later, it's reported to the exchange, which is when they inform Intrinio, and it becomes available in the API. On rare occasions, this can take up to a day, usually due to dark pool trades.

Is Dark Pool data included in the 15 Minute Delayed SIP product?

Yes, Dark Pool data is available in the 15 Minute Delayed SIP product.

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