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Here’s how one fintech company built an easy-to-understand stock market screener with Intrinio’s market data and fundamentals.
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TYKR’s goal was to develop a platform that would make investing more approachable, profitable, and fun for both beginner and advanced investors.  

The founder and CEO of TYKR (pronounced “Ticker”), Sean Tepper, originally built an algorithm that would help him generate higher returns in the public market. From 2016 through 2019 he generated consistent returns ranging between 15% and 50%. In 2019, he started meeting with retail investors and institutional investors. After reviewing the tool in Excel, they advised him to turn his algorithm into a platform to share with others.  

The TYKR algorithm is highly rigorous and requires five years of historical data to run a thorough analysis of each stock. Tepper tested and interviewed several financial data providers, but none had the vast array of historical data necessary for the TYKR algorithm to work – except for Intrinio. He subscribed to Intrinio’s delayed, intraday, and end of day market data, as well as Intrinio’s proprietary fundamentals product, which includes as-reported and standardized financial statement data and supplementary data such as IPOs.  

Educating Investors  

The TYKR platform allows investors to find low-risk, high-reward stocks in 30 seconds via the TYKR value investment dashboard. Stocks are labeled On Sale, Watch, or Overpriced. Investors are encouraged to purchase On Sale stocks because the probability of making returns is high, and to sell stocks that are Overpriced.  

TYKR analyzes the overall financial health of a company to score individual stocks and explains to investors, in layman’s terms, why a stock is labeled On Sale, Watch, or Overpriced. TYKR performs calculations to determine figures like ROIC (Return on Invested Capital), Equity Growth Rate, Sales Growth Rate, EPS Growth Rate, and Cash Growth Rate.  

Getting Expert Support  

TYKR runs their platform with help from Intrinio’s comprehensive support, including:  

  • A ticketing system for data quality concerns and technical questions  
  • Live online chat with US-based team members five days a week  
  • Direct email and phone access to a dedicated customer success team  
  • Extensive product and access method documentation and resources  
  • Data sourcing services for any type of third-party financial data  
  • Marketing and promotional initiatives to publicize the platform  

“Working with Intrinio has always been a great experience,” says Tepper. “Their team is always quick to respond and motivated to provide more value.”  

If you’re looking for a data partner to back your financial data with support and guidance, request a consultation with the Intrinio team.  

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