Building powerful portfolio management & investment research tools

Here’s how one portfolio management platform partnered with Intrinio to source high-quality datasets to generate professional-grade investor insights.

Ziggma’s mission is to take the complexity out of portfolio management and investment research.

Managing one or several investment portfolios is complex and time-consuming, often leading investors to make bad investment decisions. Ziggma is solving this problem by providing intuitive portfolio monitoring and optimization tools, backed by best-in-class financial data.  

Thanks to a combination of experienced finance professionals and talented developers, the team behind Ziggma is closing the gap in tools and data available to professional investors on one end of the spectrum and individual investors on the other. Due to the ubiquity of data and progress in technology, they saw an opportunity to make professional-grade tools and data available to all investors, whether private or institutional, expert or beginner.  

They searched for a financial data partner who could provide a variety of datasets in one place, reducing the time needed to find suppliers, negotiate, and review agreements. The Ziggma team connected with Intrinio’s data consultants, who developed a custom data solution that included US fundamentals and real-time, delayed, and EOD US market data (Intrinio’s core, in-house data products), as well as data sourced from trusted third-party vendors, including corporate events, price targets, and ETF metadata.  

Use Cases  

Ziggma uses Intrinio financial data for two distinct use cases: portfolio management tools and a comprehensive investment research platform.

Ziggma is among the first platforms to focus on reducing the complexity and time associated with managing an investment portfolio. Their innovations in this area include intuitively presented portfolio risk metrics, a portfolio simulator, and smart alerts. With Ziggma’s smart alerts, a user can set a maximum single stock exposure limit to get notified once it is reached. This frees up valuable time for the investor, who no longer has to check this key aspect of risk management. The portfolio simulator, also a first in the marketplace, allows investors to see a before and after view of a contemplated transaction.

For the investment research platform, Ziggma leverages Intrinio’s data to display professional-grade company profiles with well-organized financial KPIs for quick insight. Thanks to their significant experience as financial analysts, the team has gone the extra mile to compute industry-specific KPIs for the banking, real estate, and insurance industries. In order to get immediate results for its users, Ziggma boasts the fastest stock and ETF screener on the market, thanks to its innovative sliding scales. These features are powered by enterprise-quality financial data that helps investors make decisions with confidence.  

When conducting investment research, users benefit from Ziggma’s proprietary stock scores, which rank all stocks within an industry on a scale of 0–100. Ziggma leverages Intrinio’s fundamental and price data to carry out unbiased, granular fundamental analysis on thousands of stocks, powered by cutting-edge data processing technology. The extensive data coverage and level of research sophistication behind the Ziggma stock scores is on a level playing field with the research work done by leading quant hedge funds.

The value of Ziggma’s stock scores has been tested and proven. An investment strategy built on Ziggma’s stock scores that consist of investing in the top-rated 10% of stocks in each industry over the time period 2011 through 6 Nov 2020 produced a cumulative return of 395% (18% per annum) versus 182% for the S&P 500 (10.3% per annum).  

For users seeking to test different strategies, the Ziggma platform also powers an easy-to-use backtesting tool with Intrinio’s historical data.  

Growing Together  

The Ziggma team created an innovative platform that could provide a highly intuitive experience because they didn’t have to build around legacy systems. It’s no surprise that they chose to partner with Intrinio, who shares that value. Intrinio delivers financial data through modern, innovative access methods, including Web API, direct database access, FTP, and more.  

Ziggma’s team works closely with their dedicated customer success manager at Intrinio to resolve account queries and leverages Intrinio’s built-in ticketing system to raise technical issues and communicate with the data quality and engineering teams on their progress. Here’s what the Ziggma team has to say about their experience:  

“[Working with Intrinio] has been great. Intrinio’s team has great values in terms of work ethic and ambition. Customer support is really impressive with a tech department that gets back to us within the day.”  

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