Building a thriving fintech platform

Here’s how the team at one company partnered with Intrinio while growing from an early-stage startup to a successful fintech.

Aiera wanted to simplify earnings season with a platform that made connecting to investor events easier and more powerful.

Aiera came to Intrinio in mid-2017, searching for a data provider that could help their brand-new company get off the ground. They were looking for a wide variety of financial data and realized that Intrinio’s extensive data network made them an ideal single source to meet many of Aiera’s data needs.

Subscribing & Integrating

The Aiera team appreciated the simplicity and speed of subscribing to and accessing Intrinio’s feeds. They were able to subscribe to exactly the data they needed without purchasing expensive bundles with tons of data they wouldn’t use.

Aiera took advantage of core products that Intrinio offers directly through its platform, including US fundamentals (including supplementary data such as insider transactions and institutional holdings) and market data. Intrinio also helped them source additional data, such as end-of-day pricing for multiple international exchanges, from trusted third-party providers.

They plugged Intrinio’s consolidated Web API into their system to power their internal algorithms systematically. The API was a great fit for their forward-thinking, highly technical team.

Powering a Complex Platform

Intrinio is one of several data partners that powers Aiera’s Event Access & Monitoring Intelligence platform, which allows investment, corporate planning, and business development teams to directly connect to earnings calls with an easy-to-use, customizable interface. Aiera allows users to multicast concurrent calls, create monitors to track key mentions, receive alerts about critical activity, and much more.  

Intrinio’s financial data helps users uncover critical insights by mapping event and transcript data to a variety of datasets; for example, linking key mentions to price movement. The Aiera platform consumes more than 40,000 investor events annually across 10,000+ global equities and covers investor events, all major news and media, industry blogs, and regulatory filings. Users can build their own monitors or choose from those created by Aiera’s in-house research team.

Supporting Each Other

Aiera and Intrinio have truly grown together. Intrinio’s team even met with the Aiera team in Boston to tour their offices and discuss ways to better serve Aiera as their company expanded.  

Intrinio is currently partnered with Aiera to cross-market their Event Access & Monitoring Intelligence platform to an engaged audience of financial services companies. Intrinio is invested in helping all of its customers grow and become successful – personal support that is difficult to find at a large, traditional data firm.

Ready to trade in your data provider for a data partner? Request a consultation with the Intrinio team to learn how Intrinio can support your business.   

Ready to trade in your data provider for a data partner?

Request a consultation with our team to learn how  Intrinio  can support your business. 
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