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Here’s how one investment advisory platform saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and at least a year of development work by partnering with Intrinio.
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Spartan Capital Intelligence wanted to build a Wall Street-caliber investment advisory service that helped investors make informed trading decisions.

Their vision was to leverage technological developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to make advanced analytical tools more accessible.  

The service needed to be available at an accessible price point, but traditional data providers quoted SCI hundreds of thousands of dollars annually – unrealistic for a company just starting out. They believed that the automation and digitization of financial data should lead to more reasonably priced financial services. Intrinio agreed.

Accelerating Development

As a fintech startup, Spartan Capital Intelligence had to use their limited resources wisely. SCI needed specific types of data formatted in a digestible manner for machine learning, and had to decide whether to dedicate the money, time, and personnel resources to develop the system themselves, or look to other businesses in the fintech ecosystem to find a solution.

SCI found themselves boxed out of solutions from the “big names” in financial services due to price. They searched for other disruptors in the financial services industry that could provide lower cost agreements, quality service, and fast development.

They wanted to leverage XBRL-based filings data from the SEC for their investment platform, but realized that building the infrastructure to source, clean, and standardize XBRL data would take years of development work. Intrinio had already spent several years building that infrastructure, enabling SCI to fully focus on developing their platform.

Intrinio quickly developed a custom data solution for SCI that bundled fundamentals and market data, delivering pricing for a license that included display use and setting up a free trial with live data. Intrinio’s CTO and technical staff worked alongside SCI’s development team to ensure a seamless connection to Intrinio’s powerful API.

Building a Partnership

SCI was drawn to Intrinio’s accurate data and developer-focused documentation, as well as the shared value of providing financial services that are both elite and accessible. Intrinio’s developers assisted SCI through to production, remaining on call to answer technical questions and resolve any issues before they could slow down SCI's progress.

Intrinio’s data sourcing team later connected SCI with additional internal data feeds (company financials, economic data, IPOs) and third-party data feeds (corporate events, analyst ratings). These feeds were all available through Intrinio’s single API, which meant SCI could tap into a vast network of data without needing to maintain multiple connections.

Their dedicated customer success manager is on hand to handle any account inquiries and coordinate engineering resources for them as needed. They also have access to Intrinio’s built-in ticketing system to easily raise any data quality issues, which our data quality team actively works to resolve.  

SCI has described their experience working with Intrinio as “seamless, supportive, and cooperative.” The SCI team has even leveraged their connections to help Intrinio win other financial data deals – a true testament to the strength of the partnership.  

By providing high-quality data and advanced XBRL infrastructure at a competitive price point, Intrinio removed hurdles that would have slowed or halted SCI’s goal to build an innovative investment platform. As a data partner, Intrinio has eliminated the stress of financial data management and allowed SCI to focus on growing their platform into the industry’s next big thing.

Ready to trade in your data provider for a data partner? Request a consultation with the Intrinio team to learn how Intrinio can support your business.

Ready to trade in your data provider for a data partner?

Request a consultation with our team to learn how  Intrinio  can support your business. 
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