The Best Fintech Podcasts to Download in 2021

Chelsea Caltuna
August 30, 2021

Podcasts are insanely convenient. You can listen and learn while driving, working out, cleaning the house, walking the dog...we’ll stop there, because you get the point.

If fintech is your bread and butter, your raison d’etre, or just something you’d like to learn more about, here’s our list of the top 10 fintech podcasts to listen to in 2021.

General Fintech

Wharton FinTech Podcast

The Wharton FinTech Podcast is led by students from the prestigious Wharton School of Business. With multiple hosts and guests that cover every aspect of fintech – from real estate to lending to banking – you're bound to find an episode that piques your interest.

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For Fintech’s Sake

For Fintech’s Sake is another jack-of-all-trades podcast, covering a broad range of fintech topics and mixing news breakdowns, live shows, and long-form interviews. Fans praise Zach Anderson Pettet for his engaging and approachable style.

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Investment and Wealth Tech

Fintech, What the Heck?

Yep – Intrinio's got a podcast. In this fun, casual series, host Andrew Carpenter shares his take on the latest fintech news, gets the best tips from his coworkers on everything from coding to customer success, and interviews executives from the most innovative companies to learn what’s next in fintech.

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WealthTech on Deck

WealthTech on Deck, hosted by Jack Sharry, features conversations with financial services executives in the wealth management ecosystem. With weekly episodes, you can dive into topics like navigating social security, creating the ideal client experience, building your tech stack, and leveraging transparent data.

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Banking Tech

Fintech Insider Podcast by 11:FS

With nearly 600 episodes available (as of this writing) and new episodes airing bi-weekly, you’ll find a little bit of everything on this podcast. Produced by 11:FS, a firm that creates digital financial services for banks, the podcast has a rotating roster of hosts and alternates between fintech news and interviews with subject matter experts.

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Breaking Banks

Breaking Banks bills itself as the “#1 global fintech radio show and podcast." Episodes range from 20 minutes to an hour, so you can find an episode that fits into your schedule. Breaking Banks also has a global perspective - useful if you’re interested in keeping tabs on the fintech scene outside of the US.

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Lending & Payment Tech

Fintech One On One

Host Peter Renton is the co-founder of LendIt Fintech, a leader in the lending and banking arena. From DeFi to real estate and homeownership to the racial wealth gap, Renton covers an eclectic mix of topics in fast-moving, 30-minute(ish) episodes.

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Payments Innovation

The Payments Innovation Podcast, powered by Currencycloud, digs into eCommerce, global payments, money transfer services, and all kinds of other financial innovation. In 40 minutes or less, you’ll get insights from some of the biggest players in the payment tech industry.

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Appetite for Disruption: The Business and Regulation of FinTech

Exactly what it says on the tin: Appetite for Disruption approaches fintech trends from the angle of government regulation. If you have an eye on the regulation of cryptoassets and other blockchain assets, this podcast has quite a few episodes that should interest you. Fintech Beat also covers many of the same topics if you really want to deep dive.

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Fintech Marketing Podcast by 11:FS

If you’re a fintech marketing professional, or the head of a fintech startup trying to get your marketing off the ground, follow along with hosts Eric Fulwiler and Mariette Ferreira as they learn the secrets of CMOs and Heads of Marketing at some of the biggest global fintech and banking brands.

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