Is There An Affordable Stock Prices API Option?

By Intrinio
October 19, 2022

Stock Prices API: An Affordable Alternative to SIPs 

One area of the financial data space that has needed innovation for quite some time is market data. Stock price data feeds are critical to investors and to developers and fintech companies that are building investment apps, and most of you out there are looking for a good stock prices API.

There are lots of exchanges out there like Nyse, NASDAQ, IEX, MEMX, and more that create stock prices, so you’d think that it was pretty straightforward to get access to this type of data.

Common Stock Prices API Obstacles

On one end of the spectrum you have products like the SIP feed which are both wildly expensive (up to 10,000 a month!) complicated to integrate (weeks, if not months) and administratively burdensome (all kinds of exchange paperwork). These products (distributed by Nyse and Nasdaq) are great solutions if you can afford them or need something hardcore, but they are inaccessible to early-stage innovators.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have market data feeds from small exchanges like IEX which are great for getting started, but don’t have enough trading volume to be reliable for real investors or apps. 

PS - check out our Market Data 101 series for all the details on how this works.

This may sound crazy, but it’s completely true - there are no products in the middle ground. You’ve either got to go wildly expensive or very low quality.

An Affordable Stock Prices API Solution

At Intrinio, we have launched a brand new product called the MX feed that fills the gap in a really creative and powerful way. If you’ve been struggling to find a stock prices API that meets your needs, we’ve got your back.

Let me explain:

The reason one end of the spectrum is so expensive is that most large exchanges charge “exchange fees” and “per user fees” (you pay again and again for every one of your users who sees the data). Smaller exchanges don’t have any of those fees, but the problem with small exchanges is that not enough trading happens (this is called volume) to create a reliable stream of prices.

So, what did our engineers do? We wove several small exchange feeds together so that collectively, you have a single product that is very high volume and quality (we like to say it mimics the SIP, or it’s a SIP alternative) but it has no exchange or per user fees!

We’re talking about accessing market data that should cost 10,000 a month for just hundreds of dollars instead. 

MX Feed Product Offerings

Intrinio calls this new product our MX Feed - here’s what it’s all about:

  • ZERO exchange fees
  • ZERO per user fees
  • 6-7% market volume
  • Available via API or WebSocket

MX feed is available in Intrinio’s Gold Equities Package.

Gold Equities Package Product Offerings

  • Includes historical stock price data
  • Includes fundamental data
  • Available via API or WebSocket
  • $800/month
  • Instant onboarding and data access
  • Premium support

This is the solution for you if you need a stock prices API that is affordable, but you can’t be caught using cheap, unreliable data. It’s particularly valuable for fintech founders and app developers who need to display data to their customers but don't have time to deal with complicated exchange agreements or tracking their users viewing the data.

Forget about all of that, fintech startups and engineers shouldn’t be worrying about that when they have valuable products to build. We’ve got you covered with MX feed through the Intrinio Silver Equities Package.

Contact Us About Our Affordable Stock Prices API

Chat with an expert today to get a free trial of this data. Once you sign up for an account, you can instantly get your API keys, check out the documentation, find your favorite SDK, and be pulling down stock prices via the API in minutes.

If this content was helpful, please make sure to keep up with our blog to read more fintech and financial data content. 

Thanks for reading and as we like to say at Intrinio, we can’t wait to see what you build.

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