Where To Find Stock Options Data

By Intrinio
October 21, 2022

Get Access To Reliable Options Data

Intrinio’s reputable US options data packages have everything your business needs and more.

You can easily access and make the most out of our reliable filtered options data through our powerful infrastructure at a fraction of the cost. Not only will you have access to clean filtered options data, but you can request unusual options activity, and expect low latency and flexible licensing. Keep on reading to find out what our affordable options market data packages include.

Why Partner With Intrinio?

Intrinio isn't your average data provider. When you sign up to one of our data packages you can immediately expect cutting-edge technology, high-quality data, a swift team of professionals that are ready to help, and a respected partnership. Innovators and developers can unquestionably count on our data and tools to build and grow their business.

Our data tools are easy to use and are 100% developer friendly, because our tools were built by developers for developers. We proudly offer extensive step-by-step documentation, a range of code tutorials, syntax builders, our financial expertise, and a simple integration along with:

Filtered Data

We deliver all trade data and the National Best Bid & Offer quotes (as flagged by OPRA), while removing millions of unactionable messages to lower the infrastructure costs associated with processing options data.

Low Latency

Our Web API has a delay between 250 and 500 milliseconds. Ask/bid data is always conflated at 250 milliseconds. If you use our streaming WebSocket, latency is under 100 milliseconds.

Flexible Licensing

Everyone gets unlimited internal users and unlimited internal and external display rights for our options data. We’ll help you understand exchange fees and submit paperwork associated with your use case.

Intrinio's OpTtions Data packages include:

  • Blocks & sweeps
  • Last trade timestamp
  • Type: put or call
  • Greeks & IV
  • Total trade volume
  • Expiration date
  • Underlying ticker
  • Last ask/bid price & size
  • Strike price
  • Contract ID
  • Last ask/bid timestamp
  • Exercise style
  • Last trade price & size
  • Underlying symbol
  • Open interest

Reliable Stock Options Data From Intrinio

Stay ahead of the competition with our financial data services.

Intrinio is a leading market data provider that supplies fintech platforms and businesses with advanced tools, financial data, customer support, and additional market data solutions. Get in touch with one of our data experts today to explore our powerful access methods and comprehensive data packages. And remember, having proper access to the best stock market data is a competitive advantage that every business and investor should take advantage of.

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