Navigating Exchanges & The Evolution of Data [Podcast]

Chelsea Caltuna
September 1, 2021

In the second episode of Fintech, What the Heck?, our brand-new podcast covering all things fintech, host Andrew Carpenter explains what you need to know about getting real-time equity pricing data from stock exchanges. He also talks about data sales, the evolution of Intrinio, and staying sane on Slack with Chief Sales Officer Yates Sayers. Watch the episode below!

Fintech News (0:36)

Andrew Carpenter did a deep dive into what to expect when you’re searching for real-time pricing data, from exchange and per-user fees to reporting requirements to drift from the National Best Bid & Offer (NBBO). You can read more about choosing an exchange for stock prices in this blog.

From the Experts (19:21)

Intrinio Chief Sales Officer Yates Sayers discussed the transition from data terminals to APIs, the challenges of selling financial data, his biggest failures, and which sports team he would buy with a billion dollars.

The episode is also available wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Interested in learning more about Intrinio? Visit

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