Innovation & Investing in Crypto Ft. Bitcoin IRA [Podcast]

By Meghan Niezbecki
September 16, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of Fintech, What the Heck?. The best podcast for financial professionals, everything fintech, and the future of data! In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Kline, Chief Operating Officer, and Co-Founder of Bitcoin IRA. Bitcoin IRA is the world’s first and largest crypto currency retirement platform.


Meet the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Chris Kline of Bitcoin IRA (:49)

We open the interview with Chris explaining to listeners how he got started at Bitcoin IRA and why investors would want to include crypto in their self-directed IRA portfolio. Chris goes on to explain what Bitcoin IRA is and how crypto has evolved over the last few years.

Andrew goes on to ask Chris what investors are looking to gain from Bitcoin and why they should add these asset classes? Chris responds by saying he believes crypto will continue to be a disruptive piece in overall economy today. He goes on to say some clients look at adding crypto to their IRA speculatively because they want diversification, where others are concerned about inflation and currency mismanagement issues. Chris explains how Bitcoin IRA has embedded them selves into traditional finance. Over the last year, he has seen a huge wave of more regulation and tools - which they see as a positive. He explains more regulation for digital assets means more exposure towards mainstream investors. He explains Bitcoin IRA grew the most in 2015 during their regulation struggles and how to regulate a new asset class.

Andrew asks Chris to explain to listeners more about Bitcoin IRA’s platform and how users can get started. Chris shares the importance of education first on their platform with sharing of videos, podcasts, and live pricing to its clients. He explains the quick online process needed to get set up to open their IRA account, once the account is ready you will have access to an account executive who will continue to educate its users and a secure access to trading where clients can buy, sell, or swap assets along with adding new features.

Andrew and Chris wrap up the episode by discussing the future of Bitcoin IRA and cryptocurrency industry. Chris talks about the retirement crisis in the country, with lack of participation, student loans and costs of living leaving little money to save. New asset classes create an intrigue and uniqueness to them having more “sizzle” for people to invest and save with. He goes on to say that he sees digital assets embedded in the fabric of everyone’s daily life in the future with cryptocurrency not going anywhere. Chris concludes by suggesting hesitant investors to “not sit at 0”, give yourself some exposure to crypto and experience it, even just a little.

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