Exploring ESG Data Ft. CSRHub [Podcast]

By Meghan Niezbecki
June 24, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of Fintech, What the Heck?, the best podcast for financial professionals, everything fintech, and the future of data! In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Cynthia Figge, Chief Executive Officer of CSRHub. CSRHub is the world’s largest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ratings and information database. They provide transparent access to the corporate Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance metrics.


Meet the Chief Executive Officer of CSRHub, Cynthia Figge (1:03)

Cynthia Figge shares with host, Andrew Carpenter a little of her background and her passion for sustainability. Cynthia shares with viewers how she got started with CSRHub and the growth she has seen since starting the company in 2007. When she began CSRHub she started with one dataset, now they have over 800 sources, covering 50,000 companies worldwide.

Cynthia talks with Andrew about her ranking scale and which major markets they serve with this information and the many use cases companies are using. You can feel the excitement Cynthia has with the change and progress she has seen in companies integrating ESG data and the impact that has made into helping create a great, competitive company.

Cynthia’s hopes for the future are that ESG data becomes as crucial to understanding performance and measuring and improving as other types of financial data. She confirms that a lot of work still needs to be done with publishing, transparency, and disclosure. However, ESG is forcing companies to be more innovative, which in return can open more revenue opportunities. Andrew asks Cynthia what is next for CSRHub? She shares their current venture of integrating and partnering with a variety of providers in order to really make ESG data mainstream. Andrew and Cynthia wrap up the episode by offering advice to people starting companies and strategies they can use to approach ESG.

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