Contracting for Financial Data Ft. B9 [Podcast]

By Meghan Niezbecki
May 11, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of Fintech, What the Heck?, the best podcast for financial professionals, everything fintech, and the future of data! In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Sergei Terentev, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of B9. B9 is a fintech company that allows its clients access to financial services and products based on their economic behavior in order to build their creditworthiness. We also caught up with Intrinio’s Client Relations and Engagement Specialist, Lauren Mangine, and talked about her role at Intrinio. Finally, your host Andrew Carpenter wraps the episode up by discussing ways your company can avoid phishing scams and contracting financial data.


Meet the Founder and CEO, of B9, Sergei Terentev (:43)

Sergei Terentev discusses his extensive background in the consumer finance space, how he founded B9, and the need it is solving. Sergei explains what makes B9 different and why it is an easier solution by offering a full suite banking solution with the possibility to advance your next paycheck with no added fees. Sergei talks about the regulatory and compliance hurdles he faced with starting B9, but the benefits and confidence they are able to provide to its customers, which now allows him to focus on innovation and technology. Sergei also shares what the future of B9 looks like, his goals and plans for future expansion and the roadmap to get there. Lastly, Andrew summarizes all the benefits customers have access to using B9 and asks Sergei his thoughts on where the industry is heading. For ways to get started with the platform, check out Early access to your paycheck with B9 (

Fintech insights with Intrinio’s Client Relations and Engagement Specialist, Lauren Mangine (21:16)

Lauren Mangine describes her role at Intrinio and how essential she is with helping our clients and a great point of contact for their needs. Lauren shares some frequently asked questions she receives from clients and the ways she helps with co-marketing efforts. Lauren and Andrew discuss the competitive advantage Intrinio offers by providing excellent customer service and responsiveness to our client’s needs and questions, which allow them to save time. Lauren shares the team approach Intrinio uses when tackling client’s questions and the ease of our ticketing system. She shares her background in sales at Intrinio to how that helped her become successful in her current role within the company. Lastly, Lauren shares her efforts with collecting client feedback and surveys and how that is helping the team learn more about our clientele and their needs in order to better serve them. Lauren also shares her love for crocheting with us and she even has an Etsy shop to check out: LettuceCrochet21.

Fintech insights with Intrinio's COO, Andrew Carpenter (33:06)

Your host Andrew Carpenter shares Intrinio’s experience with phishing attacks and how we deal with this issue. He explains the frequency and sophistication the ransomware emails are becoming and the best solution we have found to help curb this problem. He also discusses contracting for financial data and the importance of first testing the data and integrating and implementation period. Intrinio offers a free testing trial and a development window discount for our clients which is imperative when finding the right data and data provider.

Where to watch previous episodes of Fintech, What the Heck?

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