Choosing a Data Provider, Partnerships & Swing Trading [Podcast]

Chelsea Caltuna
September 14, 2021

In this episode of Fintech, What the Heck?, our podcast covering all things fintech, Andrew Carpenter explains what to look for in a data provider and some red flags to avoid. We also talk about growing your business through partnerships with Intrinio’s Director of Business Development, Steele Barcomb. Plus, James Mason of Transparent Traders explains how he applied technology to improve day and swing trading. Watch the episode and check out the highlights below!

Fintech Insights (0:35)

Andrew Carpenter discusses why businesses benefit from working with a data partner and what to look for when choosing a partner. He advises companies to think about:

  • Dependability. If you scrape data directly from a source like the SEC, they are likely to throttle you or change their delivery, causing your code to break on a regular basis.
  • Onboarding. Integrating the data is a massive challenge in its own right. A good data provider can make integration easier with developer support, documentation, software development kits, and other tools.
  • Support. Look for a provider that has a clear support strategy in case you have questions or face a data quality issue. Test the support by reaching out on chat or submitting a ticket during your free trial.
  • Account management. An account manager provides a single point of contact within your data provider so you don't have to navigate each department (such as sales, dev, and support) individually.

From the Experts (16:50)

Intrinio’s Director of Business Development, Steele Barcomb, explains what “business development” means in the data industry, how to grow your business through partnerships, why there’s a lack of transparency among data providers, and his tricks to managing a heavy workload.

You Should Know (38:45)

James Mason, CEO of Transparent Traders, talks about the company's origin as a platform to expose bad actors in the investment space, how he applied technology to improve day and swing trading, and what’s coming in the next phase of Transparent Traders.

The full episode is available on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts. Interested in learning more about Intrinio? Visit

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