Intrinio Market Datasets: Why Choose Us for Market Data?

Andrew Carpenter
November 18, 2020

This article explains why a business would want to partner with us to license market data solutions. Read the companion article to see what’s included in the market data solutions we provide.

Who is Intrinio?

We’re a full-service financial data and data technology partner for businesses. We put together custom solutions across numerous providers, delivery mechanisms, and data types with world-class technology and support.  

What is market data?

Market data includes prices and trade-related data for securities. Stock prices are the most common form of market data; however, even basic stock prices can come from exchanges across the globe in real-time, end of day, delayed, and other formats.  

Why partner with Intrinio for market data?

We have the goods.

We provide a variety of market data solutions, such as real-time option prices and Greeks, and historical stock and ETF prices and technicals, directly through powerful access methods like our Web API with SDKs.

We also have relationships with trusted partners, exchanges, and data platforms, so we can recommend the perfect solution for your needs. We have a market data solution for most business use cases.

We deliver the most value.

There are deeply discounted ways to license market data, but these low-cost solutions sacrifice quality, transparency, and service. We have competitive prices for superior quality and service.

What sets us apart? Higher data quality, better service, faster turnarounds, and easier integrations. No one else provides a similar market data product with our full complement of services at a lower total cost of ownership.

Our service is absurd.

We treat our clients like partners and invest in your long-term success. If our clients aren’t successful, they churn. If they are, they end up licensing more data from our platform. This seems obvious, but if you’ve worked with other providers you may have noticed a lack of attentiveness, slow communication, unresponsiveness to problems, and inattention to detail.

Our customers have it good. We assign you a dedicated customer success manager, provide technical assistance to guide you through integration, and make our experts available to you via chat, phone, and email. It’s almost unhealthy, but we can’t help ourselves.  

We can perform custom development work, convert complex solutions into simple language, and undertake marketing initiatives to promote your platform. This relentless focus on customer success means that our clients get up and running faster and have their problems resolved quickly. It saves our customers money on their integrations and reduces their stress levels because they don’t have to navigate the complex world of financial data alone.  

We’re data experts.

Market data is complicated. Your firm might license it once, or perhaps a few times over the course of several years. We’ve been through this process thousands of times. We know the exchanges and their requirements and fees, and we’ve matched those solutions to hundreds of applications, so we can recommend the most cost-effective solution for your business.

Doing that on your own would require a lot of research, calls, and false starts. Imagine you wanted to license real-time OTC stock prices. You would have to submit paperwork to the exchange requesting the data before they provided you with pricing for your business. We can ballpark your cost and discuss your options right away because we’ve already been down that road.

Beyond saving you sleepless nights wondering if you submitted your exchange paperwork correctly, we’ll save you a lot of money exploring solutions. To get data directly from most exchanges, you need to set up an expensive server in their data center and pay fees to connectivity partners in addition to exchange fees. In many cases, we can or already have set up these connections and can get your developers testing via an API in a matter of hours. Without that support, you would need to invest countless developer hours just to get connected.  

Our technology is second to none.

Maybe your team runs on Linux servers and works in Ruby. Perhaps you prefer to write SQL against a database or need an FTP. We’ve been at the forefront of the fintech revolution for years and have developed the capabilities, both traditional and cutting-edge, that businesses need to access data.

From SDKs and API documentation to ticketing and bulk downloads, we’ve taken the pain out of data sourcing for thousands of clients so they can focus on analysis rather than obtaining data. The tools and expertise we’ve built over the years are unmatched by other providers.  

We care about your business.

Our team cares deeply about what we do, and what you do. We’re invested in your business, and we want to see you succeed. That’s not just a platitude; you’ll see it in every interaction with us, from your first consultation to your ten millionth API call.

From account managers who are proactive about client success to developers who work late into the night to improve our data quality, we grind day in and day out so you don’t have to worry about your data.

Explore our market data page to learn more about our solutions and technology.

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