Getting Started with Intrinio's Corporate Actions API

Andrew Carpenter
November 1, 2022

Intrinio provides corporate actions data for companies around the world with the help of our partner, EDI. A corporate action is any event that has a material impact on a company's shareholders and can include anything from a merger to a dividend. This article explains the corporate actions API, including important links to resources, what is included, how much this data feed costs,  and how to access it via API.

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Important Links

What Data is Included in the Corporate Actions API?

The corporate actions API includes more than 45 types of corporate actions for more than 130,000 international securities. Here is the exhaustive list of corporate action types. These corporate actions data fields are available for all major US exchanges and many prominent international exchanges.

Here are a few of the 45 types of actions that are included:

  • Announcements
  • Buy Backs
  • Bankruptcy
  • Capital Reductions
  • Company Meetings
  • Reverse Stock Splits
  • Distributions
  • Dividends
  • Dividend Reinvestment Plans
  • Entitlements
  • Incorporation Changes
  • Lawsuits
  • Liquidations
  • Mergers
  • Purchase Offers
  • Takeovers

Each type of corporate action can have many data points relating to the corporate action. For example, a dividend is a type of corporate action and there are multiple data points relating to that action including the ex date and the pay date.

This makes the corporate actions API multi-dimensional, meaning one corporate event for one security can have multiple data points relating to that event. These data points are returned in nested JSON format.

This multi-dimensionality makes this one of the hardest, and most valuable, financial data sets for a firm to integrate. This complexity also explains why this data is only available in API format for integration into enterprise level applications.

How Much Does This Data Cost?

The complex nature of this data feed, as well as the extraordinary alpha it can provide, requires custom pricing from Exchange Data International. This custom pricing is determined by several factors:

  • Will the data be used for internal purposes or will it be redistributed? Limiting usage to internal purposes reduces the cost.
  • Which exchanges are required? Subscribers only pay for the markets they need.
  • How big is your company? Startups and smaller firms can get a discount.
  • How many years of history do you need? Subscriptions that include 6 months of history are more affordable than those with 1, 2, or 3 years.

Other providers of corporate actions APIs oftentimes exclude exchange fees and other costs when quoting a price. Intrinio includes all costs in price quotes with no surprises. Users accessing corporate actions through the Intrinio's data sourcing program pay the same price as going through EDI directly and benefit from Intrinio's support, SDKs, and documentation.

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Accessing the Corporate Actions API

The corporate actions API can be queried by exchange or by security. Patrick Industries Inc, a US-based company, can be queried with this syntax:

The API Explorer makes it easy to build this syntax, allowing users to search for US and International securities via a GUI to build and test API calls that return the latest corporate actions for a security.

Similarly, results can be obtained for an entire exchange. Using the stock exchange endpoint, developers can return the exchange identifier and pull the most recent corporate actions for all securities on a given exchange. The API Explorer can also be configured to build and test syntax for exchanges.

When pulling corporate actions, either for a security or an exchange, the response will extend back between 6 months and 3 years, depending on the solution. Paging makes it possible to pull extensive historical corporate actions.

The challenge for any developer attempting to integrate this data feed is parsing the nested JSON and building an internal mapping structure based on the identifying codes that come with each type of corporate action. This documentation provides a starting point for this task and Intrinio is hard at work building out further documentation that will make it easier to build these links.

The biggest advantage of working with Intrinio is that free chat support is provided for all users. If you come across a corporate action definition that you can't understand, our team of experts will coordinate with EDI and Intrinio's developers to get you an answer.

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