Why Work with Intrinio? #4: Partnership

Chelsea Caltuna
November 16, 2020

Unless you’re a massive financial institution with millions to spend every year, you’ll likely face this dilemma:

  1. You work with a big provider that doesn’t treat you like a priority, and get a generic level of service and attention, or
  1. You work with a small provider that doesn’t have the resources to provide responsive, business-level support.

Whether you’re a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond, you’ll face challenges getting the service you need. In part four of this blog series, we’ll show you how Intrinio changes the game as a data partner.

Data Provider vs. Data Partner

As important as data quality, transparency, and developer-focused resources are, we realized that what our clients really needed (and wanted) was a partner who would manage every aspect of the financial data process so they could focus on their core business.

So, what’s the biggest reason to work with Intrinio? Because we invest serious time and resources into our clients and care about their success. As soon as you become an Intrinio partner, we provide support on multiple fronts:

Technical Assistance

Our technical team, led by our CTO, works alongside yours to help you get up and running seamlessly. We answer questions and resolve any issues during the demo and trial process, walk you through integration, and offer continued maintenance and responsive support during the entire length of your partnership with us. Simply put: you’ll never be left hanging when you encounter a technical issue.

Account Management

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who is available to you by email or phone whenever you need account-related assistance. They are your single source of contact at Intrinio, and will coordinate with other departments to meet your needs. If your account manager is unavailable for any reason, you also have access to live chat with our support team on our website, as well as a built-in ticketing system managed by our customer success and technical teams.


Our marketing team helps drive traffic to your platform via customer spotlights and other content, and we’re happy to promote your company on social media when you have announcements such as new product features. We have an audience of engaged retail investors who enjoy hearing about new financial platforms and services. We’re consistently looking for opportunities to comarket with our customers and contribute to their success.

Think Intrinio could be the financial data partner you’ve been looking for? Visit intrinio.com to learn more.

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