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Reduce bandwidth by 80% with filtered options data

Lower your processing requirements with our real-time streaming feed for US options

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Enterprise-level options data with reduced infrastructure costs

Pulling US options pricing data typically requires significant infrastructure investment on top of front-end licensing and delivery costs. Intrinio’s filtered options feed provides all the value of the standard OPRA feed with an 80% reduction in bandwidth and processing requirements.

Access the most relevant data, including real-time trades and National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) conflated at 250 millisecond intervals. Our feed uses the same binary OPRA protocol, so no code changes are required to switch. Streamline your data intake for internal investing or use our flexible display licenses to power consumer-facing applications.

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Options Data

Filtered US options pricing data with fewer technical demands
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    Last trade price
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    Underlying symbol
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    Last trade volume
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    Put or call
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    Last trade timestamp
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    Expiration date
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    Total trade volume
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    Strike price
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    Last ask/bid price
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    Exercise style
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    Last ask/bid volume
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    Open interest
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    Last ask/bid timestamp

A word from our customers

“Working with Intrinio has been wonderful. When seeking a data partner, we sought a good fit, with open lines of communication. Intrinio has allowed us to be successful in developing our new data platform and has been a great partner in our joint product offering venture.” 

-Business Valuation Resources

A word from our customers

“We were able to establish an open and fruitful technical collaboration… Intrinio has a large variety of data, and quality is excellent. They are flexible and open to requests when we need customization and also very knowledgeable in fixing technical issues when they arise.” 


A word from our customers

“Intrinio’s team has great values in terms of work ethic and ambition… Customer support is really impressive, with a tech department that gets back to us within the day… You are going to get innovation, ambition, great values, great customer service.” 

-Ziggma Portfolio Manager

A word from our customers

“The documentation is clear, the data quality is good, and the support team is very reactive. The team is fast and is embracing innovation while keeping good quality data and reliable APIs, which is what we were looking for and failed to find in other data providers… We are looking forward to continuing using their services for the years to come!” 


Advanced tools for developers and analysts

We offer the best data tools on the market for developers, engineers, and analysts. Whatever your preferred access method, we provide step-by-step documentation, syntax builders, and more to streamline onboarding and integration.

  • API, WebSocket, direct database access
  • Clear terms and end user display licensing
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Financial data built for your needs

Don’t see exactly what you need? Talk to our team. We offer custom data integrations for businesses, or we can leverage our partner network to help you find the right data.

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We map US public company financials to standardized templates, enabling direct comparison across companies and fiscal periods.

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SEC Datasets

Gather valuable insights from SEC filings, delivered in clean and easy-to-use formats. We standardize data for simple analysis and comparison.

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