Best Stock Trading & Investing Apps of October 2022

By Briana Christina
October 13, 2022

Building a future in finance does not have to be complex.

Check out these six trending investing and stock trading platforms designed for beginner to advanced traders and investors.  

And if you’re creating an application or need powerful APIs designed for your data-driven platform, reach out to our team today to see what it means to be powered by Intrinio. We can’t wait to see what you’re building!


What is TradeStation?

TradeStation is a self-clearing broker dealer and futures commission merchant with over 40 years of trading experience.

With TradeStation, users can easily trade stocks, crypto, options, ETFs and futures, gain access to a full suite of powerful trading technology and brokerage services, and much more.  

TradeStation is a one-stop shop for new to advanced traders. Claim your financial edge with the award-winning trading app.  

Pros of TradeStation

  • Variety of investment options
  • Range of educational and training resources
  • Powerful trading technology
  • Excellent customer support system

Cons of TradeStation


What is Shares?

Shares is a unique investment app that allows friends to invest and build strategies together.

The app is on a mission to “create financial inclusion through community, building a safe place to invest with no barriers to entry for anyone to build their own portfolio.” With Shares, users can create watchlists to track stocks or industries, be part of a community of like-minded investors, see trending stocks, and invest in the biggest US markets.  

Pros of Shares

Cons of Shares

  • Poor customer support
  • UK investors only


What is StockMotion?

StockMotion is a free investing game that helps new investors master the basics of investing through a virtual game. The app is on a mission to promote financial literacy and is ideal for people who are brand new to the stock market industry.  

With StockMotion, users can learn about various retirement saving strategies, develop a passion for saving and investing, and strengthen their skills and investing mindset.

How much does StockMotion cost?

The investing app/base game is free, but there are in-app purchases that unlock extra content.  

Pros of StockMotion


What is Alinea Invest?

Alinea is a SEC registered investment advisor that is changing the way the next generation invests. The platform is on a mission “to make responsible investing easy, social, and more inclusive.”

With Alinea, users can invest in digital currencies, swipe through hours of research in seconds, and even explore top companies’ ESG scores.

The social investing app is perfect for first time investors. Start building your investing portfolio with Alinea.  

Pros of Alinea

  • $0 commission on ETF and stock trading
  • Invest with as little as $1
  • 20+ cryptocurrencies to invest in
  • Easy-to-use app


What is Covey?

Covey is a free, member-powered investment community on a mission “to empower everyone to create wealth.”

This is not your traditional online investment community. Covey specializes in finding, rewarding, and training, the best investment managers - regardless of their backgrounds. This community is open to anyone and is a great place for analysts to share trading strategies.

With Covey, users can build mock portfolios, strengthen their investing and trading skills, and safely store their tokens and trades on the blockchain with MetaMask.

How much does Covey cost?

Joining the member-run community is very simple, takes less than three minutes, and is completely free. Also, if you’re new to investing, Covey is an excellent starting point (the platform is loaded with walkthroughs and tips.)

Pros of Covey

Cons of Covey

  • Limited stocks available to trade on


What is shareGRO?

ShareGRO is a popular stock trading app that provides investment management and advisory services with a twist. Unlike most trading apps, shareGRO is based on the idea that “when we work together, we can change our lives and the lives of others.”  

The mobile app can help you grow your assets in a unique way that will allow you to share your success and the joy of financial freedom with other members.  

With shareGRO, users become part of a financial community where they can safely choose investments, track and manage results, and set up regular distributions for monthly expenses right from their phone.  

Pros of shareGRO

  • 1% sharing option
  • Flexible portfolio options
  • User-friendly dashboard

Cons of shareGRO

  • Limited options for funding

And if you’re building an innovative app, send us a message today - we would love to work with your company! Learn more about Intrinio and our financial data packages here.

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