What Are the Best Financial Podcasts of 2022?

By Briana Christina
February 23, 2022

Do you need personal financial advice or are you looking for ways to grow your wealth? Fortunately, there are thousands of financial podcasts available, and we’ve found the best podcasts that are worth listening to. Below are the best 10 financial podcasts available for download today.

1. Fintech, What the Heck?

Fintech, What the Heck? is the best podcast for financial professionals, and is hosted by Andrew Carpenter, COO and Co-Founder of Intrinio. Carpenter thoroughly explores the future of fintech innovations and financial data.

2. The Ramsey Show

Hosted by the popular financial advisor, Dave Ramsey, this show focuses on “life’s tough money questions”, paying off debt, and ways to build your fortune.

3. BiggerPockets Money

The BiggerPockets Money show is co-hosted by Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, and they help guests with their financial problems by offering quality advice and financial insights.  

4. Afford Anything

Find out how to achieve financial freedom with host Paula Plant. Plant shares financial strategies and ideas that are designed to build you a better life.

5. Bloomberg Surveillance

Hosted by Lisa Abramowicz, Tom Keene, Paul Sweeney, and Jon Ferro, this podcast delves into the world of finance, investing, and economics with fintech professionals from all over the world.  

6. So Money

The So Money show is a fun podcast hosted by TV host and bestselling author, Farnoosh Torabi. The show covers a variety of topics including financial addictions, financial abuse, and inspirational stories.

7. The Fairer Cents

This is a refreshing podcast hosted by Kara Perez and Tanja Hester, that concentrates on financial feminism, economic inequality, and real-life money stories.  

8. DIY Money

Hosted by financial professionals, Quint Tatro, Daniel Czulno, and Logan Gilland, the DIY Money show shares investing, saving, and budgeting techniques with their guests.  

9. Marriage Kids and Money

Learn how to enhance your family’s financial health with the help of host Andy Hill and his millionaire financial success stories.  

10. Fintech Hunting

The Fintech Hunting show is hosted by the Founder of NexLevel Advisors, Michael Hammond, and talks about key financial trends, the mortgage industry, and actionable insights.  

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