Stock Price API and Excel add-in. Real time and EOD prices

Andrew Carpenter
January 6, 2017

This article explains the ins and outs of the stock price API, how it is used in Excel, and what comes next from Intrinio for stock prices.

One Partner, Tons of Data

Intrinio offers real-time, delayed, intraday, and historical market data for US stocks and ETFs. We can also connect users with trusted partners that offer international market data. Most of our market data is offered through our powerful REST API or WebSocket API. This article explains the difference between a WebSocket, which streams real time prices, and an API, which pulls real time prices at a point in time.

Using the Stock Price API in Excel

Developers need stock price APIs to build fintech apps and that is why Intrinio provides stock prices in API format. Price Series and Factom are examples of companies that built apps using Intrinio's API. The most popular app using Intrinio's stock price API is Excel. Here's a tutorial to help you install the Excel add-in.

Non-developer financial analysts are often confused as to why their data plans have API call limits when they are accessing the data in Excel. This article explains what an API call is and how they are counted. The Intrinio Excel add-in was built using Intrinio's API. So, you can type this into a cell to pull the latest real time price for AAPL:

=intriniodatapoint("AAPL", "last_price")

or this to pull the EOD price for a NSE listed stock from India:

=intriniodatapoint("BHEL:IS", "close_price")

or this to see the volume for Microsoft from 1 week ago:

=IntrinioHistoricalPrices("MSFT","volume", 7, "2014-01-01", "2016-01-05", "daily" )

Excel is really using Intrinio's API to pull the data for you. Excel makes it easy; you don't have to know the API syntax to pull in the data. The ease of use that comes with using the Excel add-in is made possible by Intrinio's API. The API makes it simple and affordable for developers to build applications for financial analysts.

A Custom Solution

We build custom data solutions so you can access exactly the market data you need. Request a consultation with our team to find the right solution for you.

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