Real-Time Market Data for US Securities

Chelsea Caltuna
October 6, 2020

Real-time market data is a critical component for virtually every high-volume investor. Whether you’re a quantitative investor at a hedge fund or a fintech developer feeding real-time market data through your platform for end users, you rely heavily on real-time data. Unfortunately, a lot of available real-time data is a) unreliable, b) delivered by outdated methods, and c) prohibitively expensive.

Here’s a look at what kind of real-time market data Intrinio provides, how we deliver it, and why it pays to get real-time stock data from Intrinio.

What type of real-time market data does Intrinio provide?

Currently, Intrinio provides real-time level 1 market data for US securities. We have also recently started to offer real-time options prices.

How does Intrinio deliver real-time market data?

Intrinio delivers real-time market data through two primary access methods: Web API and WebSocket.

Our Web API is a powerful, simple-to-use application programming interface that can be easily integrated into a number of platforms. A WebSocket is another type of API, but functions very differently. The WebSocket continuously pushes the latest prices (also known as streaming), while the Web API pulls the latest price just once (aka snap). The moment the price is pulled via API, it is the real-time price, but it’s impossible to know if the price has changed until it’s pulled again.

This makes the market data Web API perfect for users that need to pull the real-time price at specific times, but not all day. If you query the API all day, you will quickly hit the API call limits of Intrinio's plans. If you need the real-time price continuously, WebSocket is the right tool because it allows you to stream pricing data. You can connect to a stream of prices for a single stock or multiple stocks concurrently (depending on the plan), and always be assured that you are looking at the true real-time price.

Intrinio provides software development kits (SDKs) in popular programming languages that wrap around the API. We currently offer SDKs for:

Why get real-time market data from Intrinio?

Low latency

Our real-time stock price feeds are low latency, so you don’t miss an opportunity because of delays in the data.

Cutting-edge tools

Our tools are built by developers, for developers. Our API, SDKs, and documentation are developer-first.

Expert support

Our US-based support team is available via email, live chat, and our built-in ticketing system.

Flexible redistribution

Our real-time market data comes with flexible and affordable redistribution rights for external use.

Great value

Our real-time feeds give you tons of value for a reasonable price, ensuring that even early-stage companies don’t get priced out.

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