Real-Time, EOD, Intraday & Historical Stock Prices, On-Demand

Chelsea Caltuna
March 9, 2020

The world runs on stock price data, and getting laggy, incomplete, or unreliable stock prices can cost you in more ways than one. In this blog, we’re covering what kinds of stock price data Intrinio provides, how to access it, how much it costs, and more. 

What type of stock price data does Intrinio offer?   

Here’s a look at some of our most popular stock price data feeds in each category: 

  • Nasdaq Basic Real-Time Prices 
  • IEX Real-Time Stock Prices 
  • BATS 15-Minute Delayed Stock Prices 
  • BATS Intraday Stock Prices 
  • IEX Intraday Stock Prices 
  • US 15-Minute Delayed Stock Prices
  • US Fundamentals and Stock Prices 
  • US EOD Stock Prices 
  • London Stock Exchange Prices  
  • US Stock Prices, 5 Years 
  • US Stock Prices, 10 Years 
  • US Stock Prices, 50+ Years 

What access methods are available for stock prices?   

Real-time, intraday, and EOD stock prices are available via our REST API. For real-time prices, you may also have the option to use our WebSocket API. The REST API limits the numbers of calls you can use in a certain timespan, as defined by your individual plan, while WebSocket subscriptions allow an unlimited number of price updates from a limited number of stocks. 

We’ve provided extensive documentation to help you get started with the Intrinio API. You can find helpful sample API calls in this blog and use our API Explorer to build the correct syntax for the API calls you need to make. 

Intrinio provides SDKs in popular programming languages that wrap around the Intrinio API. Currently, we offer SDKs for: 

Historical stock price data is available in CSV format through our one-time bulk downloads and provides between 5 and 50+ years of history. When you subscribe to an annual plan, you get API access to current stock price data as well as historical stock price data via an ongoing bulk download (where applicable).  

Interested in direct database access for your stock price data? You’re in luck – we recently integrated with Snowflake to provide powerful direct database access for our customers. 

How can Intrinio stock price data be used?   

Market analysis. Quants and financial analysts can use our stock price data to conduct analyses for thousands of companies.   

Algorithm testing. Historicalstock price data helps developers backtest theories and train machine learning algorithms.   

Application development. Some stock price data plans allow for redistribution, which is useful for public-facing fintech applications.   

How much does Intrinio stock price data cost?   

While the REST API is priced by how the data is used and the amount of data used within a given time period, WebSocket APIs are priced by concurrent connections. For example, your plan may allow for 10 concurrent connections, meaning you can stream the real-time prices for up to 10 stocks as they’re updated on the exchange. The plan may allow for a total of 1,000 total daily connections, meaning a user can connect up to 1,000 different security pricing feeds over the course of a day, changing them as necessary. 

Businesses can customize stock price data feeds for their requirements and budget. Request a consultation with our team to get started.

Why get stock prices from Intrinio?   

Top providers. Intrinio brings together feeds from leading providers for US-based exchanges like Nasdaq, NYSE, BATS, and IEX, as well as exchanges all over the world.  

Low latency. Decisions are made around stock price data in fractions of a second. Our real-time stock price feeds are low latency, so you can react quickly and competitively to changes in the market.  

One destination. Whatever your use case, our experienced team will pair you with the right stock prices feed for your requirements and budget. Don’t see what you need? We’ll help you find it.  

Expert support. Our dedicated support team is available via email, live chat, and our ticketing system seven days a week – we’re always on hand to answer questions and resolve issues.  

Does Intrinio offer custom work for stock price data?   

Yes! Intrinio offers custom development services to clients who want to leverage stock price data from Intrinio. Get the most value from your data with widgets, applications, platforms, and more built for your use case. We’ll also host and service your custom project so you can focus on extracting value from your data instead of maintaining the infrastructure behind it.

Ready to get started? 

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