Customer Success Spotlight: Everysk Technologies

By Briana Christina
January 19, 2022

At Intrinio, we are known for being a top provider of innovative financial data. Our powerful technology is paving the way for developers and large enterprises across the globe and is positively changing the way our dispersed financial sector operates. Intrinio’s advanced, reliable platform delivers premium data packages that allow innovators to build with a peace of mind.  

We are proud to collaborate with some of the most innovative and impactful entrepreneurs and businesses, and we’re delighted to showcase their leading-edge work in our blog. Intrinio's Customer Success Spotlight series will focus on a client that has used our powerful technology to build something revolutionary.

Our next Customer Spotlight of the month is dedicated to Everysk Technologies, a thriving investment technology firm that focuses on providing multi-asset risk solutions for hedge funds, wealth advisors, and a variety of businesses. Everysk Technologies aims to help its clients by growing their businesses through tailored services, specifically customized portfolio reports, specialized workflows, flexible integrations, and other organizational resources. We spoke to COO, Nick Beattie, about the origin of Everysk, the company’s biggest successes this year, and why they chose to partner with Intrinio.  

Give us the elevator pitch for your company.

Everysk Technologies, based in New York City, is an investment technology firm providing an unprecedented level of front office automation to investment funds of all sizes and complexity. With Everysk’s expertise and technology, fund managers and allocators can instantly establish robust investment processes and custom applications through a digital workforce - giving them the same sophisticated, automated portfolio monitoring tools employed by top tier firms. Everysk’s clients are unburdened by operational tasks and strengthened by data-centric, contextualized analytics, allowing them to focus on high impact investment decisions.

What is your professional background?

Currently, as the COO of Everysk I oversee our groups related to sales/account management, business development, marketing, finance as well as domestic and international operations. Out of school, I started out as an investment analyst using a lot of portfolio analytics tools to generate research and reports on fund managers, eventually working towards my CFA. I moved over to the investment technology side joining MSCI, where I worked with Asset Managers on the east coast for MSCI’s RiskMetrics and Barra products. Later on, I joined Axioma to work across their hedge funds, pensions, asset managers and banking clients providing them with risk models, portfolio analytics and optimization tools. In the time I spent providing investment decision tools and as a user, there was a noticeable lack of the modern technology for asset managers that was available to other sectors. This is what we aim to provide for our clients at Everysk across custom applications, automated workflows, data analysis and granular portfolio analytics.

What inspired you to start your company?

Everysk was co-founded in 2016 by Allan Brik (CEO) and Denison Linus (CTO) and was born from the firm belief that, regardless of the size of your firm and the complexity of your portfolios, having proper infrastructure is paramount for enduring business growth. This reliance is even more acute when markets are volatile and regulatory requirements stringent. However, the data and labor requirements to perform this type of actionable portfolio and risk management are substantial, and this has led to only sophisticated and large asset managers being able to buy or build the infrastructure and tools necessary to be successful in this environment. This is where Everysk’s technology comes in: Everysk democratizes portfolio management technology as our innovative features strengthen money managers of any size with custom applications and an automation platform that is fully integrated with our powerful portfolio analytics engine, allowing them to have the same level of reliability, sophistication and scale, as the largest institutional funds.

What have been your biggest challenges, and what did you learn from them?

In catering our automated workflow and analytics to investment managers, data is an extremely important piece of the puzzle - market data and client portfolio data. One incorrect data point can ripple into a number of issues. At Everysk, as we provide additional coverage for new types of strategies, securities and clients, it's paramount that we implement thousands of integrity checks on every piece of data we consume or produce. It is an enormous effort, but with the right automated technology solutions in place it has become much less of an operational burden for Everysk internally and our clients as well.  

What have been your biggest successes?

Our biggest successes at Everysk have come from enabling our clients to focus on their most high impact tasks by removing them from the headaches of data management, analytics, reporting and daily compliance monitoring. We take a consultative approach in solving our client’s specific problems with technology and specifically designed solutions. For example, we have a client that was able to reduce the amount of vendors working with a specific group from 5 to 1, a second client was able to increase the number of client portfolios they monitored and logged by 7x, and another client was able to increase their distribution 10x using Everysk's automation and analytics for generating client proposals in a fraction of the time.

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

I don't believe there is an exact replica of what Everysk aims to provide in another specific competitor. While we are able to provide a large library of portfolio analysis that many managers may use Bloomberg for, we also aim to automate the operational tasks like report generation, limit monitoring, rebalancing, and much more. In the automation aspect, we provide "digital workers" using robotic process automation technology that aligns us closer to RPA providers like UIPath. Everysk is the only automated workflow firm providing a platform that is specifically designed for investment management. Our workflows understand the format of portfolios, can reference market data, and generate interactive dashboards catered to portfolio managers. Typically, when we engage a client we are helping them strengthen their internal processes and act as the glue that ties everything together.

Why did you choose to work with Intrinio?

As I mentioned previously, market data is extremely important in the investment management world, and as a technology firm, we are always striving to leverage the latest and greatest in technology and market data and we highly value partners that think the same way. From our first conversation with Intrinio, we were not only impressed with the level of client support, but the strength of their modern technology in accessing high quality, tested market data. Using Intrinio’s strong REST APIs and webhooks to feed into our live, intraday P&L dashboards and options risk calculations is extremely valuable to us and our clients.

Are you interested or have questions about our data feeds and packages? Find out more information at or request a consultation today.  

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