Why Work with Intrinio? #3: Resources for Developers

Chelsea Caltuna
November 10, 2020

Financial data isn’t just for analysts anymore. Developers are shaping the future of finance from within fintechs and established financial institutions – but there are still so few resources for them when it comes to financial data.

Our company was built by developers, for developers. In the third blog in our series, we’ll discuss how Intrinio provides developer-first resources and tools.

Why does Intrinio focus on developers?

The short answer is because we’re developers ourselves.

If you’ve never heard the Intrinio origin story, it goes like this: we were building a valuation app, and after a year or so of grueling work, we realized there was no way we could afford the financial data we needed to make it work. So we went into the financial data business and the rest, as they say, is history.

This journey taught us that a) developers are building incredible things within the world of finance, and b) the financial data industry isn’t geared toward their needs. In fact, large vendors often have a conflict of interest selling to developers because developers can build better platforms that threaten legacy technology.

There is no legacy tech at Intrinio. We’re constantly incorporating advancements in technology to make it easier for developers to retrieve and work with financial data. Here’s a look at some of the developer-focused tools and resources we offer.


Our fundamentals and market data products are all available via a single Web API, which returns results in JSON. We also offer a WebSocket API for streaming real-time market data. Our goal is to provide a consolidated platform that developers can use to power their algorithms, applications, and whatever else.

(If you need it, we also have direct database access and bulk download files – this blog will help you figure out which access method fits your use case.)

Software Development Kits

A lot of data providers only offer unofficial or third-party software development kits that have been created by users. These are typically not supported by the provider and can be unreliable or simply never updated.  

We provide official software development kits in six languages – Python, R, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and C# – to help you get up and running with your preferred language quickly. Our engineering team consistently updates these SDKs as we launch new endpoints, new features, and performance fixes. Our SDKs are also thoroughly documented, and we provide support for any questions or issues.

Documentation & Help Center

Get a running start with our extensive API documentation. This resource helps you quickly set up the API with your account and understand limits, paging, response codes, and more. We also provide documentation for each of our API endpoints, as well as an API Explorer that helps you build the correct syntax for the data you’re interested in.

If you have a question, you can easily search our Knowledge Base for the answer. This links to our help articles and data tools, as well as to our support options, such as live chat and a built-in ticketing system.

Technical Support

Sometimes, you need support above and beyond our developer resources. Intrinio’s engineers work closely with your business’s development team to answer questions and resolve issues – from initial testing through to integration. That doesn’t end after your data is deployed to production; we offer responsive technical support during the entire length of your partnership with us.  

Our focus is, and will always be, on providing the best financial data platform on the market for developers at fintechs and financial institutions. Want to test out our tech for yourself? Visit intrinio.com to learn more.

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