Power Your Business with Affordable Delayed Data [Options Silver Plan]

By Intrinio
July 8, 2022

Who would benefit from Intrinio’s Options Silver plan?

Intrinio’s Options Silver Data package is built for a variety of fintech businesses including education, research, options trading, and sentiment analysis.  

Our Silver Options plan is also a great choice for clients and startups that are in the testing or development phase. With the Silver Options plan you’ll have access to 15-minute delayed OPRA options prices, 15-minute delayed OPRA unusual options activity, 15-minute delayed equity prices, underlying security reference data and more!

And when your business is ready for additional data, access methods, and features – you can easily upgrade to the Options Gold plan.  

Getting started is a quick process. Simply create an account and start a 14-day trial of the product of your choice – completely free, no credit card required.  

Why should your platform partner with Intrinio for Options data?

Powerful yet affordable services

A huge advantage to Intrinio’s Silver Options package is that you have the opportunity to save a lot of money on a delayed feed by avoiding exchange fees.

The second reason businesses want options data from Intrinio, is because of the data itself. We have a team of engineers working hard to make sure you’re getting accurate, timely data. We’ve recently added options snapshots of the entire market saving a lot of time on integration and costs, while also filtering the data for you, cutting down on the volume coming in.

And when you partner with us for financial data you’ll have access to a wealth of resources, tools, and support.  

Types of resources readily available to clients:

Different programming languages include:

How to partner with Intrinio for data

Intrinio makes it extremely easy to get started.

First, you'll need to set up an account through our pricing page (or click here), soon after you'll receive access to any of our financial products for two weeks - no financial information required! During those two weeks we'll reach out to see how you and your platform is doing with our data, and to answer any possible questions.

After the free trial is over, you’ll have the choice to continue using our financial services or to stop.  

And unlike most data providers, we also offer an abundance of resources, world-class developer support, and an excellent onboarding and integration strategy.  

If you’re interested in our Options Silver data package reach out to us today and a data expert will be with you shortly. You can also learn more about our Options products here.

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