Why Get Financial Data From Intrinio?

Andrew Carpenter
June 27, 2017

This article explains why we believe value and accessibility are critical and the unique features of the Intrinio platform that make it easy to get the data you need.

Why value and accessibility?

There are hundreds of data sources and tools out there for financial data. Scottrade, Bloomberg, SNL, Thompson Reuters, the SEC, the FED, the list goes on. Each of those data sources provides good quality, reliable, clean financial data but none of them are both easy to use and competitively-priced. You can get high quality data with strong support, you can get data for cheap or even free, but you can't have both.

Here's how Intrinio provides great value and accessibility:

Affordable redistribution

Usually getting a quote for financial data that can be redistributed through an application is like pulling teeth. It takes a long time, there are a lot of hoops to jump through, and it's expensive. At Intrinio, businesses can get display rights with no per-user fees.

Flexible access methods

When you work with Intrinio, you get access to all of our access methods, including our Web API, CSV downloads, direct database access, and more.

A single API

Some data vendors aggregate many different data types but force users to access that data through multiple APIs. Developers know that integrating multiple data APIs is a pain. Intrinio only has one Web API.

SDKs for developers

Developers love sample code, packages, libraries, and examples. Intrinio has official SDKs in Python, R, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and C#.


The final authority on everything Intrinio is our documentation which explains how to use the API and the syntax for accessing data in CSV or API format.

Technical support

Our built-in ticketing system makes it easy to get quick answers to your questions or any issues that arise from Intrinio's experienced technical team.

The API Explorer

To use most of Intrinio's tools, you need to create the proper syntax to pull the data you want. Building this syntax for the API is easy - the API Explorer has drop down menus that let you pick the parameters you want and simulate the data to make sure it's working.

The Data Explorer

Typically, investors and developers are interested in a specific universe of stocks. The Data Explorer makes it easy to see if a specific stock is covered by Intrinio and also shows basic information for the stock.

The data tag directory

If you know which stocks you are interested in, you will want to get specific data for those stocks. The data tag directory lets you find out which tags are used for which data points.

The help page

We realize that the number of resources and tools is overwhelming, so we aggregate everything you need in one place: the help page.

Datapoint and historicaldata

If you need financial data, chances are you need to get the latest data as well as historical data. This may sound mundane, but being able to pull the most recent data, data from a specific point in history, or data over a specific series of dates is the backbone of any financial data platform. Intrinio's datapoint function pulls the most recent data for any type of data. You can use it like this via API to get the most recent stock price:


Then, you can use historicaldata to pull data historically via API:


To learn more about this syntax, explore documentation for the API. The key thing to remember is that, taken together, datapoint and historicaldata make it easy to pull the most recent data and historical data.

Interested in getting started with Intrinio? Visit intrinio.com to explore our data packages.

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