Why Get Financial Data From Intrinio?

Andrew Carpenter
June 27, 2017

Intrinio's mission is to make financial data affordable and accessible. If you need financial data, our hope is that you are looking for data that is inexpensive and easy to work with because we are spending all of our time building a platform that meets those requirements. This article explains why we believe affordability and accessibility are critical and the unique features of the Intrinio platform that make it cheap and easy to get the data you need.

Why affordability and accessibility?

Intrinio was founded by fintech developers, finance students, and individual investors. Each of those groups needs financial data. Developers need it to build analytics apps, students need it to learn finance, and individual investors need it to make investment decisions.

There are hundreds of data sources and tools out there for these groups. Scottrade, Bloomberg, FactSet, SNL, Thompson Reuters, the SEC, the FED, the list goes on. Each of those data sources provides good quality, reliable, clean financial data but none of them is both easy to use and affordable. You can get the data how you want it, you can get it for cheap or even free, but you can't have both.

Clearly, financial data has to be accurate and reliable to be valuable. But that's not enough - unless you work for a company with deep pockets or have a lot of time on your hands, you need clean data you can afford and can access. Do you work in Excel? Then you need the data in Excel. Do you work in computer code? Then you need the data via API. Are you a student? Then it's got to be affordable on a ramen noodle budget. Are you launching a new app? Then it's got to be affordable even if you don't have any revenue or funding.

Intrinio decided to fill this gap, building a platform like all the others with clean data but that was also affordable and accessible for everybody. The big companies and wealthy investors already have data and whatever tools they need. Intrinio was built for the people who don't have data, who don't have a way to get started. The big companies can come along too when they realize there is a better way, but we are focused on affordability and accessibility because we remember what it was like to be students, startup developers, and individual investors without any options.

How does Intrinio make it affordable?

Free consultations: You can request a free consultation directly with our sales team to get started.

Custom solutions: Instead of forcing you to buy huge bundles of data you don't need, we work with you to design a custom solution that fits your requirements and doesn't weigh you down with unnecessary add-ons.

Discounts for students: Any student that asks gets 20% off. We will do custom pricing for universities to provide access to the entire school for the cost of one Bloomberg terminal.

Affordable redistribution: Usually getting a quote for financial data that can be redistributed through an application is like pulling teeth. It takes a long time, there are a lot of hoops to jump through, and it's expensive. At Intrinio, startups can signup for redistribution plans instantly and enterprises can get a quote within 24 business hours.

How does Intrinio make it accessible?

Free access methods: When you make an account, you get free access to all of Intrinio's access methods. Use our single API, Excel, or CSV to get data and analyze it in any way you want. Time series data, automatically updating data, static data, anything. Third-party developers might charge for applications built with Intrinio data, but here are just a few of the tools you can use for free:

Free chat support for all users: You can chat, in real time, with our support staff from any page on our website by clicking the green icon at the bottom of our website. We will help you install the Excel add-in, answer your questions about the API, and help you get to work.

The API Explorer: To use most of Intrinio's tools, you need to create the proper syntax to pull the data you want. Building this syntax for Excel or the API is easy - the API Explorer has drop down menus that let you pick the parameters you want and simulate the data to make sure it's working.

The Data Explorer: Typically, investors and developers are interested in a specific universe of stocks. The Data Explorer makes it easy to see if a specific stock is covered by Intrinio and also shows basic information for the stock.

The data tag directory: If you know which stocks you are interested in, you will want to get specific data for those stocks. The data tag directory lets you find out which tags are used for which data points.

A single API: Some data vendors aggregate many different data types but force users to access that data through multiple APIs. For Excel users, this might not be a familiar problem, but developers know that integrating multiple data APIs is a pain. Intrinio only has one REST API.

Tutorials to get you started: Intrinio has helped tens of thousands of developers, investors, and students access data. We've distilled that experience into tutorials and how-to-guides that will really make your life easier. Here are a few examples:

SDKs for developers: Developers love sample code, packages, libraries, and examples. Intrinio has official SDKs in Python, R, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and C#.

Documentation: The final authority on everything Intrinio is our documentation which explains how to use the API and the syntax for accessing data in Excel, CSV, or API format. This resource is an owner's manual for anyone who wants to get financial data.

The help page: We realize that the number of resources and tools is overwhelming, so we aggregate everything you need in one place, the help page.

Datapoint and historicaldata: If you need financial data, chances are you need to get the latest data as well as historical data. This may sound mundane, but being able to pull the most recent data, data from a specific point in history, or data over a specific series of dates is the backbone of any financial data platform. Intrinio's datapoint function pulls the most recent data for any type of data. You can use it in Excel like this to get the most recent marketcap:


or via API to get the most recent stock price:


Then, you can use historicaldata to pull data historically in excel:

=intriniohistoricaldata("AAPL", "marketcap", 0, "2015-01-01", "2016-01-01","daily",,TRUE)

or via API:


If that syntax is confusing, here is the documentation for the API. The key thing to remember is that, taken together, datapoint and historicaldata make it easy to pull the most recent data and historical data.

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