Get Affordable US Options Data [Gold Plan]

By Intrinio
July 13, 2022

Why should you partner with Intrinio for Options data?

Intrinio’s Options Gold Data package is built for a variety of fintech businesses and is ideal for funded companies that are in the growth or scaling stage, as well as institutions that are innovating within the fintech space. This full-service solution offers real-time options prices, Greeks and implied volatility, and unusual options activity, as well as the latest EOD options prices and real-time equity prices.

You’ll also have access to our wide range of modern access methods, third-party data via Intrinio’s API with licensing assistance, support from our team of expert engineers, custom delivery architectures, and much more.  

Filtered Data

We deliver all trade data and the National Best Bid & Offer quotes (as flagged by OPRA), while removing millions of unactionable messages to lower the infrastructure costs associated with processing options data.

Real Time Data

Our Gold Options data package offers real-time OPRA options data and real-time equities prices.

Unusual Activity

We track, including blocks and sweeps, for all users of our delayed or real-time options data. Request the latest unusual activity by ticker or across the entire OPRA universe. Gold package offers real-time OPRA unusual activity.

Low Latency

Our Web API has a delay between 250 and 500 milliseconds. Ask/bid data is always conflated at 250 milliseconds. If you use our streaming WebSocket, latency is under 100 milliseconds.

Support and Partner Services

Our Gold Options data packages gives subscribers to our online ticketing system, access to live chat and email support, personal concierge customer success team, co-marketing and promotional initiatives including our podcast and spotlight blog, as well as access to our engineering team.

Flexible Licensing

Everyone gets unlimited internal users and unlimited internal and external display rights for our options data. We’ll help you understand exchange fees and submit paperwork associated with your use case.

Advanced tools for developers

We offer the best data tools on the market for developers and engineers. We provide step-by-step documentation, syntax builders, and more to streamline onboarding and integration. 

  • Delivered via Web API & WebSocket
  • SDKs in Python, R, Ruby, JavaScript, C#, and Java
  • Clear terms and end user display licensing

Types of resources readily available to clients:

What are the benefits of the Options Gold package?

  • Assistance with OPRA paperwork  
  • Web API access
  • 2,000 API calls/minute limit  
  • WebSocket access (additional fee)
  • Customizable access methods (Snowflake, FTP, etc.)
  • Access to third-party datasets via Intrinio API (additional fees required)
  • Unlimited internal users
  • Unlimited internal & external display
  • Built-in ticketing system
  • Live chat & email support
  • Concierge customer success team  
  • Comarketing & promotional initiatives  
  • Access to engineering team  

How to partner with Intrinio for Options data

We strive to make the process smooth, allowing you time to do what you are good at…innovating.  

Signing up for a free trial and chatting with the team is easy. We'll help you understand the exchange fees and submit all of the paperwork associated with your use case. Our dedicated personal Customer Success team is available for questions and concerns making the onboarding and integration experience seamless. The team is also available to answer any technical questions that may arise.  

Our flexible data plans allow you to scale as you grow. If you’re interested in our Options Gold data package reach out today and a data expert will be with you shortly. You can also learn more about our Options products here.  

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