Simplify Complex Financial Data with the Widget Collection 

Help your audience easily consume complex data with attractive ticker tape and price summary widgets. Select from thousands of tickers and three professional color schemes

1,000 Daily Views

Includes Intrinio branding and 1,000 daily views.

5,000 Daily Views

White labeling options and daily view counts from 5,000 to unlimited.
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Inline Ticker Summary

Intrinio Inline Ticker Summary displays info about a security when hovering over the ticker.

Tesla, Inc.
Starbucks Corporation

Ticker Summary

Intrinio Ticker Summary displays the current price of the ticker chosen.

Small Stock Chart

Intrinio Stock Chart offers a quick look at stock prices over the last week of any company on hover.

Ticker Tape

Intrinio Ticker Tape Widget shows a scrolling ticker tape of multiple tickers and their current prices and percent changes.

Full Stock Chart

Intrinio Full Stock Chart displays a large stock chart for a single ticker. Current price data is also displayed above the large stock chart.

Investor Relations Page

Keep investors informed with current and historical data about your stock, along with your company’s financial statements and other valuable information. Intrinio can fully customize your investor relations page or build a widget to complement your existing IR page.

Fundamentals Page Widget

See fundamentals for your chosen ticker at a glance. The Fundamentals Widget includes stock price, volume, market cap, P/E, and other details, as well as financial statements for the last 10 quarters.

Why power your widget with Intrinio?

Easy Implementation

Widgets can be added to any HTML page by copy/pasting the code that we provide. One step, even for multiple widgets.

Simple Management

Manage your widgets, including ticker selection and theme choice, straight from your Intrinio account page.

Ongoing Assistance

We offer maintenance and support for your widget. If you  have  a problem, our support team is available via email or live chat. 

Cost Savings

Skip the frustration and expense of developing a widget from scratch. Our templates give you the same results for less.

Looking for a custom widget?

Talk to our team about creating a widget that’s unique to your business! We create, host, and service fully custom widgets built for your needs.
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