Stop Overpaying for Market Data

By Briana Christina
June 16, 2022

Am I overpaying for data?

Businesses within the fintech industry depend on market data on a daily basis. We need market data to be successful, and it’s become very transparent that fintech companies cannot thrive without reliable financial sources.  

However, that doesn’t mean you have to pay extreme prices for that precious data.  

So, my question to you is, when’s the last time you looked around and compared data services? Chances are you’re overpaying for your market data.  

What are the benefits of market data?

Market data offers fintech companies of all sizes valuable advantages along with that competitive edge. And if you're not implementing market data analytics into your business operations, you should definitely start.

Benefits of market data include:

  • Make informed decisions  
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Improve overall business performance
  • Identify and control issues faster
  • Minimize investment risk
  • Enhance customer service experience
  • Increase accuracy of financial forecasts
  • Connect with audiences effectively

Why choose Intrinio’s market data services?

Choosing the right data provider is not an easy task, there are several factors to consider.

So, make sure you do a bit of digging and research before going all in with a specific provider. Elements to consider include costs, types of tools offered, and whether the quality of data is up to par.  

If you’re looking for an honest, affordable data provider, look no further. Intrinio is an excellent financial services platform that specializes in custom data solutions. We provide the exact same market data other big brands provide, at a fraction of the cost.  

And on top of offering affordable, clean market data, we also provide tons of other useful features and services. Keep on reading to learn about the advantages of partnering with us.  

Benefits of partnering with Intrinio

Intrinio is a leading global data provider and partner.

We’re proud to be a powerhouse for innovators and love seeing our clients' visions come to life. Our technology solutions provide many advantages to fintech companies and platforms. There’s a reason our clients stick with us year after year.  

What are the benefits of signing up to a data plan from Intrinio?

How to get started with Intrinio

We know how complicated and risky buying data can be, and that’s why we’ve simplified the entire process. When you come to us for financial data – we genuinely have your back.  

Signing up to one of our data plans is a straightforward, quick process. Simply set up an account through our website and gain immediate access to any of our financial products for 14 days free of charge.  

And we mean it when we say free of charge. No credit card is required at all during your free 14-day trial. We’re not like the other data providers, we respect your time and privacy and want you to enjoy the freshest market data.  

Once the free trial is over, you'll have two options. You can either continue using our data services, or we can go our separate ways. There’s absolutely no pressure to subscribe.

And that’s it. Getting quick access to the latest market data has never been easier. If you still have questions about our services, reach out to one of our data experts today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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