Six Business Advantages of Real-Time Data

By Briana Christina
January 5, 2022

Your business needs real-time data and here's why

Running a business involves a lot of demanding work and smart decision-making. Luckily, there’s an infinite number of readily available resources and tools that can help facilitate your company’s success. That’s where real-time market data comes into play. Real-time data offers many valuable advantages for your company. Below are six vital reasons why you should start implementing real-time data analytics into your business operation:

1. No lag time with real-time data.

The first advantage of using real-time data is having immediate market data access and being able to monitor activity with near to zero latency. No lag time also equates to a shorter response time, which is beneficial considering the everyday market fluctuations.

2. Create effective business decisions quickly.

Make smarter, faster business decisions by leveraging real-time market data. These data-driven decisions will have a positive impact on your company and its future.

3. Real-time analytics improves overall business performance.

Lower costs, reduce risks, and maximize your business growth with the help of real-time market data. Having this type of data will only increase your organization's workflow accuracy and help you avoid complications.  

4. Identify and control issues faster.

Access to real-time data allows you to detect and fix issues as soon as they occur. And being able to address potential errors and complications instantly, will improve your company’s operational efficiency.  

5. Increase the accuracy of your company's financial forecasts.

Assessing real-time analytics will help you better understand more business metric areas, and contribute to preparing stronger, accurate financial projections.  

6. Real-time data enhances the customer service experience.

You’ll have the power to provide immediate, personalized customer service. Measuring consumer-based market data will also give you a better insight and help you effectively engage with customers.


Where can you find reliable real-time data?

Clearly, real-time data is a crucial business asset that offers companies of all sizes significant benefits and that competitive edge. Gain access to the latest real-time market data today through Intrinio’s powerful platform. Intrinio is a leading data provider that offers secure financial data, high quality technology and tools, and premium global customer support. For more information on our affordable financial data packages please visit

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