How ESG is Making a Positive Impact on Companies

By Briana Christina
September 1, 2022

What does ESG stand for?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance – and refers to the set of sustainable metrics certain companies disclose publicly.  

These three pillars are extremely important because not only do they set the tone and reflect how ethical businesses are, but these factors also guarantee a clean planet Earth for generations to come. The environmental pillar focuses on impacts on the natural world, the social pillar targets overall employee social culture, and the governance pillar concentrates on corporate leadership standards. These sets of non-financial metrics show how green a company truly is.  

How do companies use ESG?

Companies rely on ESG for a variety of reasons.

This form of alternative data helps businesses identify potential growth opportunities, material risks, and are ideal for figuring out which funds and establishments to invest in. ESG data also attracts more customers and is an excellent source for conducting competitive analysis.

What are the positive impacts of ESG in business?

  • Attraction of genuine investors  
  • Improves operational efficiency and reduces costs
  • Leads to potential supply chain partnerships
  • Creates long-term employees
  • Establishes a competitive advantage

Strong ESG practices can provide a company with many positive benefits. From attracting solid customers to significant cost reductions – to boosting a business's employee productivity and retention rate. A recent study done by Goldman Sachs found that “out of 1,200 global companies, those with strong ESG ratings returned 9% while those without 4-star rankings only saw a 2% return.” Proving when used and integrated properly, ESG can lead to repeatable financial outcomes and outperformance across industries.  

But keep in mind poor ESG practices can lead to serious problems. Companies can lose customers, fall behind competitors, generate unnecessary waste, and even incur fines or penalties. If you're genuinely interested in ESG, take the time to incorporate it into your business the right way.  

Example of ESG ratings:

Website Browsing Example Provided By CSRHub

Where can I get ESG data?

You can get clean, reliable ESG data directly from Intrinio.

Our ESG data services are designed for business use and are available in three affordable subscriptions – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Gain secure access to a massive collection of ESG scores, ratings, and rankings from over 10,000 corporate companies.

And all of our ESG data subscriptions provide exceptional customer support services, useful resources, and easy-to-use access methods. Strengthen your establishment’s reputation and enhance investment returns by subscribing to one of our cost-effective ESG plans.  

Chat with a data specialist and start making sound investment decisions with Intrinio’s comprehensive ESG services today.

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