5 Trending Fintech Platforms

By Briana Christina
September 23, 2022


Wallmine is a neat financial markets data platform that helps investors find new investment opportunities.

The platform provides users with an impressive stock screener, trending market updates, portfolio updates, insider training information, and more. Wallmine even makes it simple for investors to find everything they need to know about an equity all on one page – from analyst estimates to dividends, they have all the info you need to make smarter investments.

Pros of Wallmine

  • Powerful stock screener
  • Track your portfolio
  • Institutional-grade news
  • Cryptocurrency screener
  • Free, quick sign-up process


What is Covey?

Covey is an analyst owned community on a mission to empower everyone to create their own wealth.

This is not your traditional online investment community. Covey specializes in finding, rewarding, and training, the best investment managers, regardless of their backgrounds. This community is open to anyone and is a great place for analysts to share ideas.

Pros of Covey

  • Engaging community
  • Modern tools and resources


What is QuEra Computing ?

QuEra is a neutral-atom based quantum computing company located in Boston, Massachusetts.  

The startup was founded in 2018 and they’re on a mission to build the most scalable quantum computers to help “tackle useful but classically intractable problems for commercially relevant applications in optimization, simulation, materials science, pharmaceuticals, and more.”

Pros of QuEra

  • High-quality multi-qubit gates
  • Efficient error correction
  • Quantum computing experts

Cons of QuEra

  • Confusing user interface


What is Plynk?

Plynk is a no-experience-required investing app designed for beginner investors that focuses on a “learn along the way” approach.

The investing app provides users with simple language, tips, and educational lessons and gives users the option to open a brokerage or crypto account. Members can also conveniently invest in a combination of stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and mutual funds (with as little as $1!)  

Pros of Plynk

  • Easy-to-understand and use
  • Offers stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds
  • Start with as little as $1

Cons of Plynk

  • Missing ESG data, ratings, and rankings


What is Linqto?

Linqto is a digital platform that helps ordinary accredited investors invest in the world’s leading private tech companies.

With Linqto users can access exclusive industry market insights, sell privately held shares, and invest in private companies before they go public. The platform also allows founders, long-term employees, and venture capitalists to liquidate their positions early, instead of waiting for an acquisition or IPO.

Pros of Linqto

  • Liquidity in the private tech sector
  • Low investment minimum
  • Beneficial referral program

Cons of Linqto

  • Only available to accredited investors

Where to access clean market data?

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