5 Apps That Will Make You A Better Investor

By Briana Christina
September 8, 2022

Planning to invest in stocks or ETFs? Check out these five trending apps designed to help everyone with the never-ending challenges of investing.  


The future of wealth creation is here – meet Yieldstreet.

What is Yieldstreet?

Yieldstreet is a leading investing platform that provides its users with access to alternative investments in Real Estate, Marine Finance, Legal Finance, Art Finance, and Commercial and Consumer Finance.  

With the digital platform users can easily build a diversified investing strategy and access a wealth of opportunities that were formally reserved for the ultra-wealthy. If you'd like additional details on alternative investing, learn more from celebrity Kal Penn (Yes, the actor from ‘Harold & Kumar’ and former Obama Administration official!)

How much does Yieldstreet cost?

Signing up with Yieldstreet is free, create an account here and join a thriving community of 400K+ members.

The platform’s investment minimums vary but generally begin at $10,000, and keep in mind in order to invest you must be an accredited investor.  

And don’t worry, if you aren’t an accredited investor, you can still invest in the following two options – the Growth & Income REIT and the Yieldstreet Prism Fund with a minimum investment of $500.  

What are the pros of Yieldstreet?

  • Easy-to-use platform and app
  • Access to a range of asset classes
  • Build a portfolio of unique offerings
  • Diversify your portfolio in a few clicks
  • Useful product education materials

What are the cons of Yieldstreet?

  • Higher-risk investments
  • Mainly designed for accredited investors


Where technology intersects with on-the-go-investing (and apparently bulls.)

What is Moomoo?

Moomoo is a commission free trading app that offers a safe online community, comprehensive market data, and a professional trading experience combined with advanced technical analysis.

With Momoo members have access to extended trading hours, hundreds of investing courses, can compare multiple stocks side-by-side across key dimensions, and can learn from a community made up of 8 million+ investors.

Does Moomoo cost money?

As of today, Moomoo charges zero commission on US stocks, ETFs, and Options, along with zero account minimums, trade minimums, and platform fees. The platform also provides free Level 2 real-time market data to its members.  

The trading platform has a fantastic, limited time offer happening now. New users who join and open a brokerage account can earn up to 10 free stocks! Read all the terms and conditions here.  

What are the pros of Moomoo?

  • Invest in stocks, ETFs, Options, and ADRs
  • Robust sign-up bonuses
  • Strong charting capabilities  
  • Detailed information on each security
  • Offers depth of book data at no additional cost
  • Several customer support options (phone, 24/7 live chat, email)

What are the cons of Moomoo?

  • $0.65 fees per every option contract traded
  • Complicated interface and not user-friendly  
  • Doesn’t offer mutual funds or cryptocurrency

Public Holdings, Inc.  

Ready to invest in everything? Discover new investment opportunities with Public today.

What is Public?

Public is a popular New York-based financial services company that helps individuals be better investors.  

With Public members can invest in ETFs, stocks, NFTs, art, and collectibles, and can control how they invest with access to real-time analysis, custom company metrics, live shows about the markets, and more.

The company is backed by well-known investors including Tony Hawk, Maria Sharapova, and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, and has raised $310 million so far.

Is Public a free investing app?

Public is a commission free trading app that does not require a minimum amount to begin investing.  

And all new members who join the platform can earn a free slice of stock, check out all of the details here.  

What are the pros of Public?

  • Simple way to invest in stocks, crypto, and ETFs
  • In-depth and useful information on each security
  • Great tools and resources for beginner investors

What are the cons of Public?

  • Doesn’t offer Options trading
  • Limited charting capabilities
  • Only allows for simple trading strategies


Find your next great investment with Utradea.

What is Utradea?

Utradea is an online platform that specializes in simplifying the investment journey by providing an ecosystem that is digestible, transparent, and engaging for all people.

With Utradea users can explore their favorite stocks and cryptos, get the freshest information in the markets, track major investment trends, and work with AI powered tools. Making it easy for you to spend less time searching.

Is Utradea free?

Yes, you can join Utradea for free and gain immediate access to delayed price and alert quotes, custom dashboards, personalized feed, and more.

There are also two paid membership plans available, Elite and Founder’s Lifetime, which come with an impressive list of features.  

What are the pros of Utradea?

  • Advanced cryptocurrency insights
  • Powerful stock and cryptocurrency screener
  • Value analysis visualization tools

What are the cons of Utradea?

  • Doesn’t offer ESG options
  • Congested and confusing interface


The growing app that promotes “private investing made simple.”

What is Linqto?

Linqto is a California-based digital platform that helps ordinary accredited investors invest in the world’s leading private tech companies.

With Linqto users can access exclusive industry market insights, sell privately held shares, and invest in private companies before they go public. The platform also allows founders, long-term employees, and venture capitalists to liquidate their positions early, instead of waiting for an acquisition or IPO.

How much does Linqto cost?

You’re going to enjoy these numbers. Linqto is a zero-fee investment management platform, meaning there are no brokerage fees, carried interest, or continuing management fees and expenses.  

Members can also refer friends and earn anywhere up to $250 and $750 Linqto Bucks, read all the details here.  

If you’re an accredited investor that's interested in global private securities markets, Linqto might be worth a try. Download on the App Store or Google Play Store today.

What are the pros of Linqto?

  • Liquidity in the private tech sector
  • Low investment minimum
  • Beneficial referral program
  • Users can fund accounts with cryptocurrencies

What are the cons of Linqto?

  • Only available to accredited investors
  • Limited customer support options  

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