7 Personal Finance Companies You Should Consider

By Briana Christina
July 20, 2022

Anxious about finances? Well, you're not alone.

Recent studies show that 72% of Americans suffer from financial stress. Living paycheck to paycheck or worrying over bills can have damaging long-term impacts on anyone's life. Therefore, it’s important to get your finances in order, even if it means reaching out for financial help.  

There are thousands of personal finance platforms and apps that are ready to help you recover financially. Below are 7 fascinating personal finance companies that we think are worth checking out!


New to investing? Now you can learn straight from the pros.

Tornado, the modern investing platform formally known as Nvstr, is the perfect platform for those individuals new to investing. Users can easily buy, sell, and trade with Tornado, earn rewards of up to $50 along the way, and chat with some of the top professional investors.  

The investment platform is dedicated to helping “everyone level up” through their advanced tools and tailored investing news. Keeping tabs on trending stocks and portfolio optimizations can now be efficiently done with the help of Tornado.

Take immediate control of your finances in an enjoyable way and make smarter money decisions with Tornado. And for a limited time only, new users who join will receive up to $1,000 cash to invest. It’s only $9.99 a month, check out the official rules here.

Bright Money

Is your card debt building up on you?

Bright specializes in eliminating credit card debt by offering low-interest balance transfers.  

Users can expect up to a 60-point credit boost, an automatic payment system for all credit cards, low APRs, and a custom money plan – all for less than $10.00 a month. The financial management app has already reduced $500M worth of debt from individuals around the world!

Signing up only takes 2 minutes, everyone is instantly approved, and there’s no credit checks required. Get debt-free faster with Bright today. Learn more about the AI-powered app here.


Honeydue give couples a new way to connect!

The free budgeting app is on a mission to help couples “outsmart money, together.” You and your significant other can now safely track and manage multiple accounts, investments, loans, and save for certain goals all in one spot. Honeydue also links to more than 20,000 financial institutions.

Coordinate your bills with your partner and make better budgeting decisions by joining honeydue. Download today on the App store or Google Play for free.


Crescent is simplifying the way investments are being made.  

The crypto-powered platform focuses on empowering and educating startups, businesses, and individuals with smart automations, one-click high-yield earnings, and seamless integrations. Clients can also expect built-in security, liquidity, and compliance when joining the app.

Get the access you deserve and supercharge your finance stack with Crescent. Find out more about the cash management platform by scheduling a demo.


Anasova is positively changing the game for brokers and advisors across several industries.  

The AI-powered software company provides lead generation tools that're designed to flatten your sales funnel at an affordable price. Essentially, Anasova has made it very simple to “consolidate your lead generation, qualification process and discovery meeting into one tool.”

Minimize your financial stress and get a fast, free digital financial assessment today. For more details, send a message to demo@anasova.com.  


Are you having challenges with personal financial planning?

Savology makes financial planning easy. The financial wellness platform has improved the financial situation for over 50,000 clients through their tailored services by making financial planning accessible and actionable.  

It’s now easier than ever to reach your financial goals, set effective budgets, and create the financial plan that’s right for you with the help of Savology.  

It only takes 5 minutes to get started, build a financial plan today – and check out Savology Starter for a free trial version.  


Finversity is an engaging US-based online platform and app.

The company focuses on investment and retirement planning, and helps users understand and control their poor spending habits and overall finances by providing automated professional financial advice.

They're on a mission to help “clients gain control of their finances, become financially savvy, and gain capital so they can work towards financial wealth and freedom.”

Get started with as little as $3.99 for a monthly plan and gain access to all of the platform’s personal finance plans and tools! Learn more about Finversity’s low-cost financial subscriptions here.

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