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Start your consulting business with high-quality equity research data

Consulting firms rely on Intrinio’s modern technology for end-of-day equity pricing data, standardized financial statement data, and supplementary fundamental datasets. Our comprehensive plans allow consulting companies to develop from the ground up.

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Research you need assembled all in one place

Whether your consulting platform is starting out or scaling up, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of valuable data and resources the moment you join Intrinio. Our equities data plans are excellent for generating benchmarks and industry comparison data for your clients. You can strategically advise with the latest financial statement data - choose from our list of over 9,000 US companies.

Incorporate our data into your tools

Unlike most financial data providers, we allow you to integrate and display our data within your customized tools. This streamlined access allows consulting companies to operate with ease and efficiency, leaving them to focus on increasing profits and revenue, not micromanaging their data. Intrinio is committed to supporting your platform in any way we can and ensures a seamless integration and onboarding process.

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Case Studies

Discover how Intrinio’s market data serves Chicago Quantum


Chicago Quantum is a consultant and investment advisory firm specializing in fundamental and quantitative stock market analysis for wealth managers and investors.

With Quantum, clients have access to massive collections of stock market information, professional financial guidance, individual equity research, and ongoing stock market updates. Chicago Quantum partnered with Intrinio to power their quantitative analysis and better serve their clients.


Intrinio provides Chicago Quantum with the underlying market and fundamental data they need to better serve their clients with their stock and portfolio analysis.

Instead of spending unnecessary time on data wrangling, Intrinio’s standardized financial data allows Quantum to focus entirely on critical business matters such as improving and expanding the algorithms that power their stock portfolio optimization.

By ingesting Intrinio data, Quantum can seamlessly incorporate their quantum computing and financial expertise to provide their clients with a wide variety of algorithmic analyses and solutions tailored towards stock portfolio optimization.

Case Studies

Discover how Benzschawel Scientific depends on Intrinio for data


Benzschawel Scientific is an AI-based firm specializing in financial education, systematic trading, and asset management. The company has over 25 years of Wall Street experience and is dedicated to helping clients figure out which bonds to buy and sell through proprietary mathematical models and deep learning networks.  

To power Benzschawel Scientific’s machine learning models, the firm needed access to a comprehensive, standardized fundamental and market data database.


Intrinio is the primary reason Benzschawel was able to get up running successfully. With our expansive API endpoint offerings, SDK support, and bulk download availability, Benzschawel quickly moved from development to production. Our equity prices, historical data, and other overall financial services make it possible for the firm to operate and produce quality results for clients.  

A word from our customers

“Working with Intrinio has been wonderful. When seeking a data partner, we sought a good fit, with open lines of communication. Intrinio has allowed us to be successful in developing our new data platform and has been a great partner in our joint product offering venture.” 

-Business Valuation Resources

A word from our customers

“We were able to establish an open and fruitful technical collaboration… Intrinio has a large variety of data, and quality is excellent. They are flexible and open to requests when we need customization and also very knowledgeable in fixing technical issues when they arise.” 


A word from our customers

“Intrinio’s team has great values in terms of work ethic and ambition… Customer support is really impressive, with a tech department that gets back to us within the day… You are going to get innovation, ambition, great values, great customer service.” 

-Ziggma Portfolio Manager

A word from our customers

“The documentation is clear, the data quality is good, and the support team is very reactive. The team is fast and is embracing innovation while keeping good quality data and reliable APIs, which is what we were looking for and failed to find in other data providers… We are looking forward to continuing using their services for the years to come!” 


Equity Market Data

Our equities data plans include an extensive network of US company fundamentals and stock market data suitable for all types of business needs and budgets.

Options Market Data

Get high-quality real-time and delayed options data through advanced access methods without building an expensive in-house infrastructure.