How one consulting company brought Intrinio data to life

Discover how Intrinio’s market data serves Chicago Quantum


Chicago Quantum is a consultant and investment advisory firm specializing in fundamental and quantitative stock market analysis for wealth managers and investors.  

With Quantum, clients have access to massive collections of stock market information, professional financial guidance, individual equity research, and ongoing stock market updates. Chicago Quantum partnered with Intrinio to power their quantitative analysis and better serve their clients.


Intrinio provides Chicago Quantum with the underlying market and fundamental data they need to better serve their clients with their stock and portfolio analysis.

Instead of spending unnecessary time on data wrangling, Intrinio’s standardized financial data allows Quantum to focus entirely on critical business matters such as improving and expanding the algorithms that power their stock portfolio optimization.

By ingesting Intrinio data, Quantum can seamlessly incorporate their quantum computing and financial expertise to provide their clients with a wide variety of algorithmic analyses and solutions tailored towards stock portfolio optimization.

Why partner with us?

Intrinio is a leading provider of financial data and is a respected data technology partner for thousands of businesses. When you partner with us you can expect:

  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Higher data quality
  • Flexible licensing
  • Revolutionary tools
  • Premium support
  • Expert Assistance

Power your fintech business with Intrinio and find out how your consulting firm can benefit from our Equities Bronze data plan.

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