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Build In-Demand Skills with Intrinio Academic

The finance landscape is changing – traditional analyst roles are being phased out, and the top jobs are going to candidates with data science skills. Produce the next class of qualified finance professionals with Intrinio Academic, a suite of advanced financial data tools designed for academic institutions.

Educate the Next Generation of Problem Solvers

Intrinio Academic prepares students for the fast-evolving professional world with accessible data and state-of-the-art analysis tools. Not only can students access clean, high-quality financial data from their personal computers whenever they want it, they learn critical skills such as building algorithms, using APIs, and coding in popular programming languages.

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Explore academic research

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Our data has been used in groundbreaking financial research by students and faculty. Explore the academic research that is proudly powered by Intrinio.

Data Should Be Simple

Intrinio Academic doesn’t just make data access simple for your students – it’s also simple for your administration. We vet, onboard, and manage data partners to provide the most updated and trustworthy financial data. Get up and running fast, with minimal setup and maintenance. Plus, you can leverage our live support seven days a week to resolve issues for your students as quickly as possible.

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Give Students a Solid Foundation

Here’s what’s included in your Intrinio Academic subscription:

US Company Fundamentals
BATS 15-Minute Delayed Stock Prices 
US EOD Stock Prices 
BATS Intraday Stock Prices 
IEX Real-Time Stock Prices 
Global Security Master 
IEX Intraday Stock Prices 

Equip Your Students for Success

Intrinio’s data analysis tools are already used in top institutions like Harvard Business School, Stanford University, and Caltech. Now is the time to evolve your curriculum and prepare students for the new finance landscape – or risk falling behind. Talk to our team to learn how Intrinio Academic can help your students prepare for successful careers.

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