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Build in-demand skills with Intrinio Academic

The finance landscape is changing – traditional analyst roles are disappearing, and top positions are going to candidates with data science skills. Produce the next class of qualified finance professionals with Intrinio Academic, a financial data portal designed for academic institutions. 

Intrinio Academic is...

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    Every student, professor, administrator, and researcher is covered under one license, and signup only takes a few minutes.

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    Our web interface allows users to access Intrinio Academic from their personal computers at any time via API, Excel, or CSV.

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    Students learn critical skills such as building algorithms, using APIs, and coding in popular programming languages like R and Python.

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    Intrinio’s accessible platform paves the way for code collaboration, seminars, workshops, case studies, demos, and much more.

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    Intrinio Academic includes extensive documentation for all of our access methods and endpoints to help users get up to speed quickly.

Explore Academic Research

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Our data has been used in groundbreaking financial research by students and faculty. Explore the academic research that is proudly powered by Intrinio.

Complement curriculum with hands-on labs

Bring financial data to life with Intrinio Academic Labs – simple introductions to high-level financial concepts. Students can follow lessons step-by-step with code examples in Python and R and run code directly in the browser with Jupyter notebooks. Labs are ideal for self-directed learning or as part of any financial or computer science course syllabus.

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Data should be simple

Intrinio Academic doesn’t just make data simple for your users – it’s also simple for your administration. We vet, onboard, and manage data partners to provide high-quality financial data. Get up and running quickly, with minimal setup and maintenance. Plus, you can leverage our live support seven days a week to resolve issues as quickly as possible. 

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Give students a solid foundation

Here’s what’s included in your Intrinio Academic subscription:
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    Basic US company information 

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    Stock prices

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    30+ stock price technicals

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    100+ company calculations & metrics

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    Global security master

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    Company news

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    10+ years of standardized  & 
    as-reported US fundamentals

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