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Nasdaq Global Press Releases
Data Feed
Press Release Feed by Security, Full Body & Metadata
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Nasdaq Global Data Feed

The Nasdaq GlobeNewsire Data Feed provides all press releases published by Nasdaq GlobeNewsire and Marketwired.  Easily search for press releases issued by a company or press releases where a company is the subject of the press release.  Press releases published by GlobeNewsire and Marketwired include earnings releases, corporate events, law suits and much more.  For a specific press release, retrieve the full body of the release including all metadata included by the company and the distributor.

  • Global securities covered for 25% of all press releases published by public companies
  • Retrieve lists of press releases, updated every 15 minutes
  • Find press releases for companies, including earnings releases and corporate events
  • Utilize the full body of the press release, in html format, within your application or for sentiment analysis
  • Press releases include all metadata provided by the company and the distributor

Get Press Release Content for Global Companies

For the first time ever, get press releases for thousands of global companies via a REST API.  This press release data is updated every 15 minutes provided directly from Nasdaq GlobeNewswired and Marketwired shortly after they are published.  Get access to market moving information as soon as it is published by a company to ensure you are staying ahead of the curve of information.


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Nasdaq Global Press Releases
Data Feed


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