US & Global Economic
Data Feed
200,000 Economic Data Series, Real Time From the FED, Interest Rates, Non-Farm Payrolls
Excel, Web API

Effortlessly Track the Macro Economy

The US Economic Data Feed collects hundreds of thousands of economic data series and makes it available with unprecedented flexibility through an API and Excel Add-in. Users can instantly access the most recent foreign exchange rates, the effective funds rate, and non-farm pay rolls as well as historical data as a time series. Use the macro-economic insights gained from an endless number of data types to enhance micro-economic analyses, sector level momentum, and correlational research.

  • Effective Federal Funds Rate
  • Non-Farm Payrolls
  • Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Unemployment rates for each State
  • Home Price Indexes
  • Per Capita Income
  • Real GDP
  • 10-Yr. Treasury Rates
  • And hundreds of thousands more

Track the Trends that Drive Performance

Garner knowledge about the economy that keeps you informed and ahead of the competition. Enhance your analyses and redistribute to your clients without additional fees. Build applications and websites that provide innovative data to your own end users without redistribution fees. Instant chat support and self signup gets you up and running in minutes, not weeks. Without data delays, contracts, and pushy salespeople you can focus on turning the data into wisdom. 




US & Global Economic
Data Feed


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