Global Public Company Security Master
Data Feed
Company Info, Security Info, Index Info, Owner Info
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Centralized Financial Data

One challenge developers face when working with financial data is identifying a stock, company, security, index or other financial entity across data sets. Is Apple Inc. the same as AAPL in your code? This seems like a simple example but things can quickly get more complicated when working with numerous data types and thousands of securities in the same application. The Security Master Data Feed serves as a guide for investors and developers working with multiple data sets, providing an authoritative source of information about the various identifiers associated with an economic entity. 

  • Current and Previous aliases for an economic entity
  • View active and de-listed securities
  • Get basic details to identify the entities you need to analyze

Flexible Identifiers

The Security Master Data Feed is designed to make it possible to bring multiple data sets together without running into confusion when the curators of those data sets create non-unique names. Typically, when users run into these challenges, they are forced to use the names used by the data providers, which can slow down development and create headaches for end-users who aren't sure what they are looking at. With the Security Master data feed, investors and developers can use the identifier that suits their needs rather than adjusting their system to suit the data provider's naming convention. By searching the security master, users can quickly and definitively see how that entity is named across data sets. 


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Global Public Company Security Master
Data Feed


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